For twenty-five years, Graydon Carter edited the glossy behemoth, Vanity Fair. Now, he is turning his hand to life online with a thoroughly modern mail-out.

Consumers of digital news, rejoice! The arbiter of editorial taste and quality, Graydon Carter – who retired from Vanity Fair at the end of 2017 – is launching a newsletter for cosmopolitan culture vultures.

Beginning this summer, the digital weekly mail-out will drop into subscribers’ inboxes on a Saturday morning, ready to be devoured – amid Flat Whites and scrambled eggs – over the course of the weekend.

Carter will edit Air Mail with Alessandra Stanley, a former critic and reporter for The New York Times. They will lead a small but perfectly formed team of writers from around the world. With sophistication, wit and flair, their aim is to produce something like the weekend edition of your favourite, old-fashioned newspaper in digital form.

Each newsletter will contain original, magazine-length articles, while the platform will host additional stories and podcasts.

Carter told The New York Times: “Vanity Fair was in the excellence business, and I want to stay in the excellence business. We’re not after clickbait.”

Air Mail has secured some private-equity backing and will seek a single sponsor for each of its newsletters. Though the subscription rate hasn’t yet been finalised, Air Mail’s readers are likely to be globally minded devotees of politics, business, the arts, literature, the environment, design, society, food, fashion and crime.

When he left Vanity Fair, Carter said in a statement: “I’ve loved every moment of my time here and I’ve pretty much accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to do.

“I’m now eager to try out this ‘third act’ thing that my contemporaries have been telling me about, and I figure I’d better get a jump on it.”

In creating Air Mail, he’s been true to his word. But must we really wait until the summer for this mouth-wateringly stylish new mail-out?

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March 2019