Want to read but feel short of time? Get key ideas from non-fiction books with the award-winning app, Blinkist.

In a nod to our time-pressed culture, Blinkist promises “big ideas in small packages”. The award-winning app takes important insights from over 2,500 best-selling, non-fiction books and condenses them into powerful packs that you can read or listen to in just fifteen minutes.

Founded in Berlin in 2012 by four friends who found themselves woefully short of time, Blinkist is comprised of readers, writers, developers, designers and planners.

They collaborate directly with authors and comb through best-seller lists, new releases and recommendations to find the most intriguing books around. Their expert readers distill these books into short “blinks”, which their editors then ruthlessly fact-check and perfect.

Blinkist now helps six million users enhance their knowledge in areas spanning mindfulness, leadership, psychology, self-help, biography, parenting and history.

Plaudits for the app include a United Nations World Summit Award in the Learning and Education category, a Google Material Design Award and a place on Apple’s list of Best Apps of 2017.

Blinkist’s co-founder and CEO, Holger Seim, says: “We aim to help people fit more reading and learning into their days by allowing them to read or listen to the most important points from non-fiction books on the go – while they’re waiting for the train or an appointment, in the middle of a workout, or getting groceries, for example.

“In the future, we want to establish Blinkist as a global brand for lifelong learning by offering an array of content and apps that fit into our users’ daily routines.”

Fans say things like:

“I love learning but unfortunately never seem to find enough time to read the books I have, let alone buy more. This app solves that problem perfectly.”

Download the app today. Plus, we think a year’s subscription to Blinkist would make a great present for the movers and shakers in your life who have everything – except time.

August 2018