Welcome to the must-have app for anybody with an ounce of wanderlust.

Culture Trip brings you personalised content and recommendations about wherever you are in the world and wherever you plan go.

The idea is that, by sharing the local knowledge of its vast web of contributors, Culture Trip will inspire you, help you to explore the globe and connect you to like-minded travellers.

Using the Culture Trip app (which you can personalise based on your interests and current location), you can access stories, information and recommendations about over 300 destinations – safe in the knowledge that the content comes from well-informed locals and passionate professional journalists.

With offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv, and contributors hailing from all over the world, Culture Trip has published almost 41,000 inspirational articles on everything from travel to art to sport to food, covering most of the countries of the world.

Culture Trip’s founder and CEO, Dr Kris Naudts is an academic psychiatrist with a passion for travel and culture – and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He leads a vibrant, fresh and talented team who are growing the company fast. It has seven million monthly readers and three million followers on social media.

Culture Trip’s fans say:

“It is a fantastically intuitive, compelling and informative platform.”
“Culture Trip is my go-to travel app. All the articles are well written and keep me informed on different areas. My husband and I travel often, and this app helps us discover new places.”
“It’s a great go-to app and a fantastic way to plan an itinerary for your next adventure.”

What is more, the team at Culture Trip invite you to become a contributor. If you are interested in publishing your content, videos or photographs with them, they want to hear from you. Get in touch at contributors@theculturetrip.com.

August 2017