Whilst every skincare expert from dermatologists to facialists will recommend wearing an SPF all year round, it may well be that you are only starting to think about adding one into your skincare routine now as the sun begins to make a reappearance.

Facial SPFs have historically been a tricky beast. They can clog pores, pill under make-up and cast a white mask over darker skin tones. But the new generation of sun protection has solved all those bug bears – and then some. Blurring the lines between skincare and SPF, many are infused with actives to help treat pigmentation, to hydrate and to moisturise too. Others allow you to combine your protection and base in one with a built-in tint, which is perfect for fuss-free holiday make-up when you want your skin to be protected and look its best.

5 Different Types Of Facial SPF