Every month, I scour the beauty counters to report back to Good Web Guide readers on the best in class when it comes to make-up buys, health trends and cult skincare must-haves. Now, for a new series, I will be inviting you into my own bathroom to share the beauty products I am buying and loving on repeat, as well as brand-new discoveries that I want to spread the word about.

After 19 years as a beauty journalist and editor, I’ve done a few laps around the beauty halls. To make it into my own personal haul they have got to stand out from the crowd. This month I have found my new signature red lip and finally found something that can tame my ultra-long tresses in a minute flat.

Lisa Eldridge

Velvet Ribbon lipstick, £27

I popped into Liberty last month in search of a new classic red lipstick and Lisa Eldridge delivered. I usually opt for an orangey red, tomato-meets-coral (Glossier Ultralip in Coupe is fab if that’s what you’re after), but I had a hankering for a real pillar box hue, with a hint of blue for true Hollywood glamour. Eldridge’s True Velvet lipstick in ribbon has all the pigment to deliver impact on first swipe, with a soft, velvety matte texture (not chalky at all), with no bleed and impressive staying power. Great for instant impact on Zoom calls and a new firm favourite in my lipstick arsenal.

Charlotte Mensah

Manketti Oil Pomade, £55
Manketti Oil Pomade 200ml

It is no exaggeration to say that this product could have zero benefits and I would still buy it for its scent alone. But I am pleased to report its efficacy matches its delicious scent, enriched with all the nourishing plant oils and butters including Mensah’s signature Manketti Oil. A pea-size amount finger-combed through my lengths after air-drying and my Rapunzel-scale locks go from scruffy to sleek and feel oh-so soft. A big investment but the 200ml tub will last me all year, even with daily use.


Deodorant Balm, £21

As there are over 6,600 reviews to date for Akt’s deodorant balms (not to mention the cabinet of awards). I may, then, be preaching to the converted here but its 100 per cent natural deodorants blow all others out the water. I have been travelling, on runs, done 15-hour work days and not a whiff. Also, there’s no staining (a bug bear with other natural deodorants) and they are plastic free and fully recyclable in smart aluminium tubes, too. I love the Mint, Pomelo and Tomato Vine in summer and cosy Amber, Violet and Tonka in winter. I cannot shout about them enough.


Solo Shadow, £26

I have a long and difficult relationship with eyeshadow. Namely that I love it, but it doesn’t love me. Creasing, smudging, drying… as a busy working mum of two, I want something that I can apply pre-school run and then forget about for the rest of the day. And finally, I may be on to something. Merit can do no wrong in my book. I love its clean lash mascara and lip oils, so I thought I’d give the cream-to-powder solo shadow a whirl. The grey-lilac shadow is great for my green eyes and one pass with a finger gives a subtle wash, yet it’s imminently buildable if you want more of a smoky eye look. Brilliant staying-power and fool-proof to apply. I may have found my eyeshadow nirvana.

UK Lash

Eyelash Serum, £38
Sensitive Eyelash Serum

I’ll admit it: TikTok got me and now I’ve invested in my first eyelash growth serum. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my lashes, but have you seen those before and afters?! From meh to Bambi peepers in 28-days flat. I was sold. I’m only 3 weeks in but I can definitely see improvement in length, if not volume quite yet. I’ll report back next month.

By Lydia Mansi
March 2024