As science and progress marches inexorably on and we learn more and more about how our bodies truly work at various stages in life, the increasingly health-conscious we become. Tapping into that, several brands have sprung up in recent years which prioritise and support women's wellness by offering a variety of tailored products designed to support health needs, most particularly through times of hormonal flux.

These brands focus on providing supplements, natural remedies, and holistic solutions that address issues such as hormonal balance, menstrual health, fertility, and menopause symptoms. With a focus on using natural ingredients and transparent manufacturing processes, these brands aim to empower women to take control of their well-being and live healthier, more vibrant lives. We must caveat this by saying that nothing, of course, should ever stop women from turning to their doctors for help. But for those times when tests return bafflingly normal and yet you still have a niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right, these brands can be a lifeline. And these are the ones we rate.

Woman Wise

Woman Wyse is a brand that focuses on providing wellness products tailored specifically for women, with a range of supplements and natural remedies designed to support female health and well-being. The first excellent thing about Women Wise is that you can book in for a half-hour, obligation-free chat with one of the specialist team, in which you can ascertain whether their approach is suitable before spending any money. Reassuring, no? If, on the strength of that, you do decide to take the plunge, expect them to go into forensic detail: there will be an online questionnaire as well as state-of-the-art at-home tests, after which you will receive a detailed yet easy-to-understand in layman’s terms report about everything, from the status of your hormones to the ability of your liver to process alcohol and caffeine. On top of that, women will have access to twelve months of support post the findings. From £399.

Discover more here.

Happy Mammoth

Australian brand Happy Mammoth was founded by Matthew Murphy in 2017. It may come as some surprise that a company that focuses chiefly on women’s health should have been set up by a man, but in the early days, the onus was all on gut health. Since then, Happy Mammoth has grown exponentially and broadened its remit to include hormonal balance, mood regulation, sleep and body rejuvenation. The idea is to get to the crux of knotty health issues, such as mood disorders, hormone imbalance and metabolic imbalances with complex causes that trigger weight cycling. Using only natural ingredients, it has created blends that customers rave about online, from ‘Hormone Harmony’ to ‘Deep Sleep Mode to Complete Hormone Synergy System. They’re not cheap – the Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol, for example, costs €139.99 for three months’ supply – but the reviews are ecstatic. Discover more here.

Gyna Fertility

Before we go any further, it is important to acknowledge that if you are experiencing infertility, a medical professional who is a specialist in fertility should always be the first port of call. If, however, you are simply looking for some additional ways to support your body along the way, then Gyna Fertility puts the onus on nutrition to support getting pregnant which, it argues, can differ from good nutrition if you are not trying to conceive. Somewhat irritatingly, the website forces users to fill out a questionnaire before going any further. However, on the basis of that questionnaire, it builds you a plan, from which you can then embark upon a trial period, paying what you can afford, from 50p up to £13.80. To reiterate, this is not a substitute for medical assessment, but many customers have found success and reassurance through the app. Discover more here.

Wild Nutrition

One notable UK-based wellness brand that focuses on female hormones is Wild Nutrition. It specialises in creating supplements tailored to support women's health, including products specifically formulated to address hormonal balance. Wild Nutrition's approach puts the onus on using natural, whole-food ingredients and carefully selected botanicals known for their beneficial effects on female hormones. Their formulations often include nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc, which are essential for hormone regulation, as well as herbs such as chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) and dong quai, traditionally used to support hormonal balance. With a commitment to quality and transparency, Wild Nutrition provides women with comprehensive support for their hormonal health needs, offering a range of products, from roughly £32 (with reductions if ordering on subscription), designed to promote overall well-being and vitality. Its food-grown products cover everything from supplements to help with premenstrual support to endo support to fertility to perimenopause and menopause: in other words, the whole cycle. Discover more here.

Rheal Superfoods

Rheal Superfoods is a pioneering British brand at the forefront of women's wellness, offering a range of innovative products specifically designed to support female health. With a keen understanding of the unique needs and challenges women face throughout their lives, it has developed a line of nutritionally dense and scientifically formulated supplements that harness the power of natural ingredients to promote hormonal balance, vitality, and overall well-being. The commitment to quality is evident in its use of premium, ethically sourced ingredients, including adaptogenic herbs, antioxidant-rich fruits, and nutrient-dense superfoods carefully selected for their targeted benefits on women's health. Whether it's supporting hormonal harmony, enhancing energy levels, or boosting immune function. We especially rate the Balance Tonic, which comes in at £25 (less if you order on subscription). Discover more here.

By Nancy Alsop
March 2024