The Korean skincare trend of #glassskin has garnered 4.9bn views on TikTok at last count. If it feels unattainable, it is worth knowing that it is actually achieved through an in-depth, multi-step routine, including the full gamut of cleansing, exfoliation, humectants, antioxidants and SPF. Sound exhausting? Putting in the in-depth prep work in your skincare routine is where glass skin is achieved, not in the dewy highlighters or primers of your make-up bag. Get your skin looking and feeling its best and you can actually cut down on your make-up time and let your skin shine – literally.

The key tenets of ‘glass skin’ are, in fact, only five steps.

Gentle Yet Thorough Cleaning

Double cleansing shouldn’t be an added extra but a daily ritual. Factor in a thorough oil-based cleanse to dissolve SPF and make-up first, followed by a milk or micellar texture cleanse to remove any oil residue that may clog pores.


‘Facial flooding’ is another TikTok trend that is key to achieving plump, smooth glass-like skin. Applied to damp skin, an essence is a post-cleanse step that is integral in the ‘facial flooding’ routine. The water-weight texture is actually a powerhouse of hyaluronic acids to attract moisture into the skin, with niacinamide to refine skin texture and reduce pores and vitamins to add back in the nutrients your skin needs, post cleanse.

Targeted Treatment

Next a targeted serum, such as a Vitamin C to brighten and reduce dark spots, a hyaluronic serum for double-hydration or a peptide serum to plump is applied, before sealing in the moisture with a hydrating day cream.

Lock It In

Finally, a couple of drops of deeply nourishing, antioxidant-rich facial oil are applied to strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier which gives it that bounce.


Weekly exfoliating masks with a low-level AHA will remove dead cells to keep skin bright, without disrupting the natural moisture barrier and causing breakouts and dullness.