Ever wondered how to boost your Airbnb experience? Or what it’s really like to rent out your home to strangers? Listen to host stories and tips to boost your holiday rental experience.

There are plenty of podcasts to amuse, entertain and educate you on the hot topic of home-sharing. We asked expert Humphrey Bowles to choose his five favourite Airbnb podcasts. Humphrey knows the peer-to-peer rentals industry inside out. He is co-founder of GUARDHOG, insurtech innovators providing pay-per-stay insurance for home sharers in the sharing economy. Thesee are his favourite five Airbnb podcasts.

Get paid for your pad

My favourite podcast is filled with tips, tricks and inside knowledge to boost your Airbnb experience, or just get started in the best possible way. This insider knowledge comes first-hand from industry leaders, money-making experts and real hosts from all over the world who are making some serious income from sharing their homes. If you only subscribe to one podcast, you won’t go wrong signing up to Jasper’s all-round information hub for anything relating to Airbnb and short-term stays or rentals.

The Airbnb Entrepreneur

Bestselling Airbnb author and ‘rentalpreneur’ Rachel Prince is the brilliant host of this show. She has a real understanding into what it means to successfully build a business within the short-term rental sector. Thanks to her ‘top fives’, ‘how to guides’ and ‘best ways’, you’ll be able to build yourself an Airbnb empire in no time at all and do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Vacation Rental Success

The ability to stay current in this constantly evolving market is such an important thing and I think the host of this show, Heather Bayer, is a prime example of just how quickly thing become outdated. She started her podcast after the successful launch of two books, finding that they very quickly became void as new and improved methods and ideas surfaced. Now with the power to keep her audience completely up to date, Heather’s show focuses on success stories of hosts from all over the world as they let us know the secrets that made their vacation rental business a hit. Definitely have a listen to VRS239 – Polarizing Vacation Rental Arguments – My Take On Them. She offers great advice.

Hosting your home

Being a general sharing economy enthusiast, I think it’s great to see that hosts are taking the initiative and working together to create better experiences for both themselves and their guests. Husband and wife team Debi and Rob Hertert started the Hosting your Home show as a way of connecting with hosts from all over the world. Being the couple behind a series of Host2Host meet-ups and conferences in the US, they truly believe that taking advantage of each other’s experiences, learning from them and lending a helping hand to others is a key part of growing a successful business in an economy that is so focused on sharing.

The short-term rental profits show

Focusing on the best places to put your dosh to make the best return on income, Jason Hartman chats to money making, money saving and money investing short-term rental experts that are ready to spill all their secrets. Being the owner of a start-up I know how important it is to make sure you’re putting your money in the right places, so this is the perfect show for anyone to learn about the best technology to invest in, the best areas to grow your business and much more, all with the goal of maximising your profits.

July 2019

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