Why more and more Airbnb hosts love these five Apps for simpler and safer bookings.

Less than a decade after its inception, it’s no secret that Airbnb is now one of the most well known websites to come out of the sharing economy. With the site now boasting an impressive 640,000 hosts among its more than 100 million users, more and more tools and applications are popping up to help owners with every aspect of running their businesses. Aside from the Airbnb mobile app, what others are essential for 21st century hosts? Jess Ashworth from Lodgify takes a look at the top five apps all owners should be utilising.


Staying competitive is on every host’s radar. That’s why an automatic pricing solution like Beyond Pricing is a must-have in order to maximise your bookings. The Beyond Pricing app uses up-to-date, real time market data to pitch rate recommendations to owners. What’s more, this super smart tool is said to increase rental bookings by up to 40%!


One of the biggest headaches Airbnb owners face is guest changeover. Making sure your guests have the best experience possible is on you, but if you’re managing remotely, ensuring your home is cleaned and prepped to your high standards for the next guest can be complicated. Not when you have the Properly app. Not only can you organise tasks, schedule cleaners and keep an eye on your property from anywhere, but you can also set visual, interactive checklists so you know your service providers have done a good job. If you have less than three Airbnb listings, Properly is even free to use.


When using Airbnb to rent your property, turnaround is often quick between one outgoing guest and the next incoming one. That’s why an increasing number of hosts are turning to technological solutions to manage key handover. Once you’ve installed the August Smart Lock, waiting around to collect or hand out keys is a thing of the past. You can grant access to anyone you like, for any amount of time you like, all on the go from the August smartphone app. The best part? You can immediately delete guest access upon checkout.


Having a TV available for your guests to use is no big deal nowadays. Loading it up with the Netflix app is another story, however. With Netflix, your visitors can kick back and relax in the evenings to watch a movie or series – without the disturbance of lengthy commercials. As well as being wallet-friendly for owners (plans start from $7.99 per month), the built-in parental controls mean Netflix is family-friendly for those travelling with little ones.


There comes a time in every Airbnb host’s life when they start wondering just how much extra they’d make if they didn’t have to pay commissions. That’s where Lodgify comes in. The software allows owners to create their own vacation rental website, accept direct bookings and online payments, and manage everything (including Airbnb reservations) from one centralised place. Plus, the new mobile app means hosts can access their bookings and calendar from anywhere.

These apps are just a small selection of what’s available on the market to help make your Airbnb a huge success. In addition to these, hosts can invest in tools that help prevent parties from happening in their properties like Party Squasher; key exchange apps such as Keycafe or even interactive guest welcome book apps like Touch Stay.


Lodgify is an innovative all-in-one vacation rental software solution which empowers lodgings owners and managers to build their own professional website, accept online bookings and manage all reservations from one place.

June 2017

Hero image courtesy of Joshua Earle