Best Sites for Aspiring Photographers

Our favourite treasure troves of photographer portfolios and picture courses, coming right up!

This week we’re nothing if not inspired by the quite sizeable talents of our Guest Editor Jean Cazals, food photographer of the year. Not only did he win the prestigious award last year, in 2012 he has shot over eighty books, and looks back on a luminous career that has seen him work with some of the most visionary chefs of our time. If you’re intent on following in his footsteps and would like to pick up the art of photography then these are the sites you’ll need to bookmark.

Lens Culture features some pretty eye-opening photography - there are endless photo series on controversial subjects like explosions in public places and the exchange of money for weapons, as well as thought-provoking themes such as 'teen tribes', 'kitchen stories from the Balkans' and 'picturing Ulysses'. The sleek site serves as a great source of inspiration from for the budding lensman.


Tom Hoops' site is a virtual portfolio of the photographer's work. Here you'll find stunning portraits of intriguing subjects, ranging from the elderly to snakes - there's even a man with a knife through his cheek. It's just the ticket if you're looking for inspiration for black and white photography, a difficult art form that Tom Hoops masters brilliantly. As if that wasn't enough, you can also subscribe to the mailing list to get info on the photographer's yearly workshops and private photographic trips.


Carter Bowman is a photographer who focuses on fashion and editorial, and hers is a site that's teeming with talent. She's the brains behind our favourite Emma Watson shoot (which you can view in all its glory), and she offers a detailed insight into her world through her beautifully designed blog. One of our favourite features has to be the 'muses' page - where Carter displays her most interesting subjects.


An incredibly special site that deserves a high ranking on our desired list of sites, My Photo School does exactly what it says on the tin - and a lot more besides. Not only are there tutorials from some of the world’s top photographers, but there are several levels of expertise to choose from whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or are looking for something more specialist such as wedding photography, bird photography, and even digital macro photography.


This incredibly simple concept is another site that will keep you motivated as an aspiring photographer, why? Because you can send your beloved prints in postcard form to whomever you see fit for instant gratification. The service (accessible through the app) is now available online too – even better for the photos that require a helping hand with a little tinkering on Photoshop.

If you already feel like your pictures are worthy of bringing in some income, then head straight for Glopho – the site where you can sell the more newsworthy prints in your arsenal. Found yourself party to a newsworthy event and managed to capture it? Then this is where your photographic efforts will reward you.

For those of you with an avid passion for photography but who don’t necessarily want to indulge in it yourselves
, there are a whole host of sites where photography features heavily in the retail sector. From buying prints online at Troika Editions, to Beetles and HuxleyCanvasRus, Whats On Your Wall and Print Lounge all of which offer you the option of having your pictures made into canvases. There’s even the option of having your pictures made into wallpaper at "Surface Patterns" or blinds at Creatively Different Blinds.
And just to finish it off, if you’re feeling really confident with your food photography, don’t forget to enter the The Food Photography Awards at

November 2013.