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Whats On Your Wall

Add some pizazz to your home with canvas art prints.

Thankfully, the options to decorate our homes with competetively priced wall art are numerous nowadays. Whats On Your Wall is one of those fantastic companies that creates canvas art prints with the wow factor, either from its portfolio of art or for something more personal, it specialises in custom photo to canvas.


Whether you're after a dreamy landscape or an urban cityscape, vibrant abstract, a closeup of flowers or even a picture of a classic car, Whats On Your Wall offers its customers a huge choice. You can even have your very own Banksy wall art, featuring the iconic rat.

Once you've chosen an image, you can then see what it would look like on a wall, before being presented with a number of options regarding size. It's really that simple.


This is where Whats On Your Wall gets clever, turning your photos into works of art. Simply select a picture and upload it to the site. Select image type, which can be canvas, acrylic or fotobloc. You can then style your photo, either choosing to go with the original or add some character to it, choosing to show the image in black and white, sepia, select areas to tone or even to give it a Warhol style makeover.

Whats On Your Wall is a well established wall art production company that you can rely on to bring you the best.

January 2014