Gwyneth Paltrow, the Queen of Wellness, recently shared her wisdom about the menopause on Sky News. She said: ‘If we all come together and say, this is happening, let’s share information, this is nothing to be ashamed of… that’s where you see progress.’

How do we create such a forum for menopausal women? The travel industry has worked out the answer. If you have money in your pocket and time on your hands, a menopause vacation may be for you.

Research shows that wellness retreats for menopausal women are gaining serious traction. All over the world, from The Maldives to Marbella, hotels, resorts, spas and individual practitioners are creating overnight sanctuaries in which women can come together, share their experiences and learn how to go about the menopause with strength and intention.

Pampering and deeply relaxing, these holidays also instruct midlifers in how to combat mood swings, eat to support their hormones, move well, sleep better and even breathe optimally. Participants can expect informative group talks, one-to-one consultations, cookery classes, nature walks, strength training, sophisticated massage, reflexology, facials, meditation, use of spa facilities, nutritious food and plenty of me-time.

These getaways are luxurious and tend to be pricey but reviewers describe them as ‘life-changing’. Dr Heather Hirsch, founder of the Menopause and Midlife Clinic in Boston, says: ‘The fact that you’re carving out this time and resources for yourself, which women in midlife don’t do very often, is an important thing.’

Let’s pretend money is no object and you are at liberty to resign from domestic and other commitments for several days. What would you say if somebody offered you the chance to spend a peaceful week in the company of experts as well as like-minded others and come away with a toolbox of methods for navigating the menopause? We know what our answer would be…

Our Pick Of The Best Menopause Retreats

Combe Grove, Bath

On offer? A one-week wellness retreat designed to inform, empower and support women who are experiencing debilitating symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. The promise? To show women how to approach this life stage with confidence and positivity. The price? A six-night stay costs from £2,900. Book it.

Forte Village Resort Menopause, Italy

On offer? A three- or six-night programme that aims to help women suffering menopausal symptoms to manage their increased stress and live happier and healthier lives. The promise? That your symptoms will be eased and that you’ll have more energy. The price? Three nights costs from £2,499. Book it.

Goodwood Menopause Retreat

On offer? A three-day, two-night wellness retreat full of the advice and evidence-based information you need to take control of your menopause. The promise? To ease your journey through this important transition. The price? £990. Book it.