Ellea Whamond is the co-founder of the British botanical bath and body brand, 100 Acres (@100_acres). The luxury label, available in selected stores and handpicked countryside retreats nationwide, has just relaunched. Here, Ellea tells us what makes for a life well-lived, both on and offline.

100_Acres_Luxury_British_Natural Perfumery

Where do you call home?

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I run between London and The Cotswolds on a weekly basis. I grew up in The Cotswolds, near Stroud, so I think this will always feel like my spiritual home. I love the vast green space, the fresh air and the incredibly beautiful scenery. But London feels like home, too, and I love its pace of life. The contrast makes each of them extra special in their own way.

Do you prefer pottering around the house or pottering in the garden?

Great question. Tough! Heaven would be a summer’s day, with all of the doors and windows open, sat outside on the grass, painting or gathering flowers to decorate the indoors with. I believe life is absolutely best lived with a beautiful combination of both.

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What was the last item of clothing you bought?

Dahlia Embroidered Maxi Dress

I’m a sucker for a stylish, boho maxi dress. They look like you’ve put in a lot of effort but, really, all you’ve done is throw one thing on. Add some cowboy boots or Noughties trainers and you can tackle anything! This one from Free People is a favourite and this one from Pink City Prints is on my hit list. I love Rixo and Neve & Noor, too.

What’s for dinner tonight?

I love anything fresh and colourful but that doesn’t sacrifice flavour. I make a big salad every Sunday with a grain, herbs, raisins or apricots, toasted nuts, etc, and then use this as a side to most meals throughout the week. It’s perfect for spring. Tonight, we’re having it with oven roasted cod and tomatoes cooked in oven paper-parcels, so super-quick and easy.

What is your favourite hotel in the world?

Beyond England, Greece is my second love. For me, the magic of Greece is staying in simple whitewashed places with blue shutters and hand-built clay bathrooms, not shiny bedrooms and Asian-fusion restaurants. Apollon in Koufonisia, one of Greece’s smallest islands, is heaven. It is true Mamma Mia Greece. Koufonisia is tiny, so you can walk to every beach on the island. Go off-season (May) because the island is just on the cusp of being discovered.

Whose Instagram feed gives you the greatest pleasure?

Gosh, so many. Luke Edward Hall (@lukeedwardhall), Willow Crossley (@willlowcrossleycreates), Cordelia de Castallane (@cordeliadecastellane), Sarah Frances Kelley (@sarahfranceskelley). Anyone who pulls out the very best, golden bits of everyday life.

You have unexpected spare time on your hands: do you fill it with a podcast or novel?

Probably a podcast. I have a tragic obsession with business podcasts and always listen to them on trains, planes and tubes. Piper’s How I Grew My Brand is a favourite. I’m terrible at reading books, as I rarely have the time. But if I’m on holiday or taking time off, a book all the way. I think we need escapism to reset.

Which beauty product couldn’t you do without?

Our 100 Acres Invigorate Bath & Body Oil. It smells heavenly and is so easy to use. Yes, you can put it in the bath, and I do on weekends, but on the weekdays, I lightly drizzle it all over my body right at the end of a shower, take a few moments to inhale the utterly sublime scent and quickly massage it into my limbs.

100 Acres Invigorate Bath & Body Oil

It sinks straight into damp skin so doesn’t leave any residue on the towel or your clothes and you’re then perfectly moisturised and will smell amazing for the entire day. People often ask what perfume I’m wearing – it’s honestly just this!