Whatever Gwyneth Paltrow touches tends to turn to gold – in the wellness world at least. So, it’s worth taking note of the meditation app with which she is involved. Whether you meditate like mad or still need convincing, this new kid on the crowded meditation-app block may be for you.

Peacefully entitled Moments of Space, the app advocates for and teaches eyes-open meditation. This type of practice allows you to meditate at the same time as going about your business, as Zen Buddhists and other traditions do. It is a potential game-changer for those of us who think we don’t have time for meditation, can’t sit still and anyway need to empty the dishwasher.

When Kim Little, a lifelong meditator and tech entrepreneur, conceived of Moments of Space in 2021, he wanted to “blur the boundaries between life and meditation”. The following hear, he launched the AI-powered app, with co-founder Julian Murphy – whose background was at Apple – by his side.

‘By combining ancient Dzogchen wisdom with cutting-edge technology and eyes-open practice,” they say, “the Moments of Space app empowers you to blend meditation with daily life so you can live with more peace, presence and clarity.’

The app offers structured, skill-based learning and a personalised homescreen, so that you get exactly what you need each day.

Recognising a good thing when she sees one, Paltrow has become the app’s Global Community Director and a co-owner.

As she recently told The Sunday Times: ‘I’m advising on everything, from product to … What I’m good at is sort of understanding, both for this business and my own business, like, what consumers need, where they’re going, what they want, how to reach them, how to make resonant content and messaging.’

Gwyneth rarely gets this stuff wrong – and users are already raving about the impact on their lives of the free 14-day trial. ‘I’ve been pretty right about everything we’ve talked about [since her lifestyle brand Goop began],’ she says. She’s bound to be right about Moments of Space, too.

3 Other Brilliant Meditation Apps


Founded in 2012 ‘to help you manage stress, sleep better and live a happier, healthier life’, Calm is by many measures the world’s leading meditation app. So many people tried, in 2020, to listen to a meditation read by Harry Styles that the app crashed.

Ten Per Cent Happier

The courses and guided meditations on this wildly popular American app are led by renowned teachers of the practice. Ten Percent Happier claims to be ‘a meditation coach in your pocket’.


Co-founded by a former Buddhist monk, Headspace merged in 2021 with online mental health platform Ginger in a deal that is worth $3 billion. If you haven’t at least trialled the app’s sleep stories, you are missing a major trick.