Rather than waking suddenly to the jolting screech of an old-fashioned alarm, you could wake slowly to a sunrise simulator clock. You might even emerge a nicer person, according to TikTokers who promise these bedroom gadgets are game-changing.

Designed to ease the start of your day, these relatively simple devices are credited for improving mood, productivity and energy. How do they work? Light, even if artificial, is known to be the best way to wake up the biological clock. A sunrise alarm clock operates by glowing an ever-increasing amount of sunlight typical of dawn. By mimicking sunrise, the clock wakes you up gradually. Light exposure affects melatonin production and when the body wakes naturally, it produces the mood-improving hormone serotonin. Meanwhile, a rude awakening from an abrupt noisy alarm releases cortisol which in turn, brings on inertia or bad moods. Therefore, as TikTokers tell us, a sunrise alarm may be beneficial for your circadian rhythms, may help you sleep better and improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Imagine never again being jerked awake by the klaxon of an ear-splitting alarm. From futuristic looking curiosities to viral clocks with apps, consider these bestselling six sunrise alarm clocks.


Somneo Sleep and Wake Up Light, £199
Introducing Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light  Copy

Spotted the viral TikTok sunset lamp during your daily scrolling? Discover the more grown-up upgrade which operates by touchscreen and has an unusual shape with a hollow middle. Mimicking dawn, the light steadily phases from red hues, then orange, yellow and white to gently wake you. Slightly disappointingly, especially at this price, this model lacks Bluetooth connectivity to play your own music. Buy it.


Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock, £282
Hatch Restore 2

What better way to rise in the morning than to the glowing sun of dawn and gentle birdsong? This aesthetically pleasing little number with mood lighting doubles up as a sound machine with an optional in-app subscription. Users control the device from their phone and get unlimited access to a growing library of sleep stories, meditations and soothing sleep sounds. Buy it.

John Lewis

Lumie Sunrise Alarm, £49.99
Lumie Sunrise Alarm Wake Up To Daylight Table Lamp, White  Copy

Not all sunrise alarm clocks are expensive or feature surplus add-ons. Lumie has over 30 years of experience creating wake up lights and SAD lamps. For an affordable option, consider their original wake-up light clock that everyone copied. While without Bluetooth and radio, this straightforward light mimics a 30 minute brightening sunrise and dimming sunset. Job done. Buy it.


Bodyclock Luxe 750D, £229
Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

On the other end of the spectrum from Lumie is the top-of-the-range Bodyclock Luxe 750D. This certified medical device has high-quality Bluetooth speakers, DAB radio, USB connections and low-blue light features that help you unwind. Treefrogs, white noise, birdsong? Fall asleep listening to gentle music, a podcast or one of the thirty sleep or wake sounds. Listen through the built-in speakers or plug in earphones to avoid disturbing anyone. Buy it.


WL50 Wake Up Light, £76.99
WL 50

As a mid-priced and compact option, the rechargeable and cordless Beurer WL 50 Wake Up Light performs well. Part of its appeal is its small size, with a diameter of just 11cm, and its conventional shape, rather like a smart speaker. While waking you naturally with a gradual brightening in the morning, this light offers the reverse at bedtime by dimming light to simulate sunset. The Beurer has an FM radio, a simple Bluetooth speaker, a desk lamp and a mood light. Buy it.


Mcbazel Daylight Alarm Clock, £29.99
Mcbazel Sunrise Alarm Clock

You really don’t have to spend a fortune to reap the benefits of a sunrise alarm clock. This wood effect alarm clock is credited for lowering stress levels by waking users with a slow brightening of light and birdsong. It has seven different light colours, and twenty levels of lighting brightness offering a convincing sunrise and sunset simulation. Buy it.

By Annabel Jack
March 2024