Here’s the lowdown on easy-to-use sites for finding your finest holidays.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Since its inception in 2003, Mr & Mrs Smith has been a supremely reliable and stylish source of holiday inspiration. If a hotel or villa is included in Mr & Mrs Smith’s worldwide collection, you just know it’s a good ‘un. Their deals and offers aren’t bad either.

Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes offers its members (you don’t hand over any dosh to sign up; just your email address) brilliant holiday packages at excellent prices. They negotiate exclusive rates at luxury hotels at up to 60 per cent off the price you’d pay by booking anywhere else. Beach breaks, cruises, city hops and country retreats all feature.


The passionate team of travellers and techies that runs i-escape can help you find and book brilliant holidays in over 50 countries. Their genuine, expert reviews back up their honestly curated list of hip hotels and hideaways. Check this award-winning site before going anywhere…

Chic Retreats

Featured in CN Traveller, Vogue and Tatler, Chic Retreats founder Lulu Townsend knows just what makes a hotel unique, which is key as her customers are discerning travellers looking for exceptional hotels at reasonable rates. You’ll find a wealth of beautifully presented ideas here.


Every Sawday property has in common authenticity, warmth and character. Luxury isn’t a key word for these guys, but comfort sure is. Check out this site, which lists special places to stay from the snow-capped mountains of Scotland to the sunny shores of Sicily.

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