The former Vogue Executive Retail Editor and founder of VCH Style gives advice to novice bloggers, along with online recommendations.

Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey worked at British Vogue for twelve years, as the Executive Retail Editor; a role which gave her insight into the workings of both fashion and beauty brands and their different approaches to targeting the consumer, in an age of fickle consumerism where brand loyalty is almost impossible to secure.

Presenting the bi-annual Vogue Trend Report fused the creative with the commercial, and this is exactly what Ginnie has taken into her own company, VCHStyle. She now writes for The Sunday Telegraph, consults for brands both high street and high end, and she works as a stylist to her private clients. Most importantly of all she is mother to two girls. We are delighted that Ginnie is on the judging panel of the Good Web Guide Awards 2019.

Here, Ginnie shares advice to beginner bloggers, her favourite podcast and the best thing about her job.

My favourite website… Matches Fashion

My favourite app… GoodOnYou, the ethical fashion app.

My internet hero... Natalie Massenet

My favourite podcast... The Midult by Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan.

My most recent buy online… Last night on the train. I bought a top from Lemaire and dress from Staud.

Book just read... I’m reading a REAL book, Jo Malone’s autobiography ‘My Story’

Favourite tweeter… I don’t use Twitter.

Favourite Instagrammer… Celeste Barber

Social media allowed me to meet… A whole load of boutique brands on the other side of the globe, just at the click of a button.

Standout online memory... Generally a lot of the Vice Media videos - but also watching the former CEO of Net-A-Porter, Mark Sebba leave the White City offices for the last time. It was a reflection of what that company has become. Good people. Hard work.

My pet hate online is... People not declaring paid projects. You know who you are.

My advice to a beginner blogger... There is a long life ahead. Try not to focus on the life and people in your phone or laptop more than the life and people around you. Know when to stop. Take a break from it all. You’ll miss so many opportunities otherwise.

Best thing about my job... The variety. So often at Vogue we had to focus hard on the brands that advertised, so much so it was easy to miss some truly creative brands that just never quite had the budget to invest in advertising. Now I get to work with a much wider variety of brands, people approach me and I have the time to respond.

Best piece of digital advice I've been given... Treat social media like you would a newspaper. Focus on it in the morning, then get on with your day.

The website or app that I wish I'd thought of and why... I'm pretty sure I did actually come up with Instagram with my brother-in-law! It's just that the team were probably close to completion over in Silicon Valley just as I was drawing a flow chart here in Berkshire!

When I judge The Good Web Guide Awards, this is what I'm looking for in a winning site or app... I am someone who wants to enjoy the journey so colour, a good font and great graphics if necessary. I want to understand the brand message without having to always click on the 'About Us' section. I would also remind applicants that I am from a print background so I am here to both learn and to be impressed!

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