Eggcellent: 20 Of The Best Egg Cups

Get Easter off to a cracking start with these fun egg cups. Egg and soldiers ahoy!

There is something so perfectly simple about a boiled egg that always whisks us straight back to childhood. There is no fuss about swirling water round a pan or adding vinegar (poached). There is no necessity to add butter or milk (scrambled). Rather, a boiled egg is a thing of beauty, whether you hard boil it and peel off the shell for lunch; you scoop the insides out to have on buttered toast for breakfast; or you dip strips of toast in for a classic egg and soldiers scenario.

Whatever you do, you need an egg cup that only enhances the joy and fun of this particular breakfast. Though we devour eggs all year round, there is no better time than Easter to extol their many protein-rich virtues. These are the egg cups we’ve got our eyes on for a truly cracking breakfast.

By Nancy Alsop
March 2022

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The Big Kitchen

4 Cornishware Egg Cups, £24


Soft Boiled Egg Holder, £16.86


Inka Egg Cups Rose, £19

Fabienne Chapot

Lobster Egg Cup, Set of 2, £15.49

The Kitchen Shop

Egg Cup Chicken, £12.50

Borough Kitchen

John Julian Simple Egg Cup, Set of 2, £35

Sass & Belle

Libby & Ross Egg Cups, Set of 2, £10

House Of Disaster

Sweet Bird Egg Cup, £10.95

Donna Wilson

Mog Egg Cup, £13

Quail Designs Ltd

Koala Face Egg Cup, £15

Emma Bridgewater

Bumblebee Set of 3 Egg Cups, £32


Marble Egg Cup, £59


4-Pack Janus Egg Cup, £18


Cico Egg Cup in Blue, £12

Cath Kidston

Strawberry Garden Egg Cup, £8

Quail Designs Ltd

Dorking With Egg Cup, £15


Appoline Egg Cup, £8

Jars Céramistes

Cantine Ceramic Egg Cup Pale Pink, £12

Closet & Botts

Ceramic Egg Cup - Cornflower Blue, £3.95

Le Creuset

Stoneware Rainbow Egg Cups, Set of 6, Assorted, £49

Nancy Alsop


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