After a lull in nature’s harvest over winter, the arrival of spring heralds a new season packed full of fresh ingredients – and cookbooks – to inspire. Replete with recipes to help you fall back in love with cooking and out of meal planning ruts, we have a round-up of seven great new cookbooks to inspire. Think the gamut, from lazy weekend brunches to vegan feasts; wellness recipes to bread know-how for those who are missing their 2020 sourdough fix.

Grains for Every Season

Joshua McFadden
Grains For Every Season

A long-awaited follow-up to Six Seasons, McFadden’s 2018 bestseller, Grains for Every Season takes Joshua’s maximalist approach to flavour and applies it to the simple wholegrain. He boldly tackles salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, grain bowls and breads via some 200 recipes. Expect tips on how to prepare ancient grains, including buckwheat, barley, wild rice, spelt and farro. From meat loaf with barley and mushrooms to skillet spelt cinnamon rolls, the savoury and sweet recipes share one thing: full-on flavour. Buy it.


Matt Tebutt

Cooking falls into two distinct camps: fast, easy mid-week meals on the one hand; and lazy, indulgent, communal weekend feasts on the other. Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebutt’s new book has the latter covered; Weekend is brimming with dinner party ideas and leisurely Sunday roasts. If you are keen to start entertaining again this year, this could be all the inspiration you need to get back in the kitchen. Buy it.

The Dusty Knuckle, Daisy Terry

Rebecca Oliver, Max Tobias
The Dusty Knuckle, Daisy Terry

Carb-lovers behold a beautiful tome dedicated to all things dough, from sweet, yeasty enriched bakes to focaccia, pastries and, of course, sourdough. With detailed, practical step-by-step instructions for mixing, fermenting and shaping, it is a valuable resource for anyone just starting out on their home baking journey. With a whole section of the book dedicated to ‘recipes to enjoy on, in or with bread’, you’re all set to knead, prove and rise to the challenge. Buy it.

Modern Pressure Cooking

Catherine Phipps
Modern Pressure Cooking

Did your grandma have a pressure cooker on the stove when you were a child? Perhaps you even have one gathering dust at the back of your own kitchen cupboard? Then this one’s for you: Catherine Phipps’ latest book, Modern Pressure Cooking, puts the nifty time-saving pot centre stove. With fool-proof one-pot meals, including all-in-one macaroni cheese, and squid and chorizo with black rice and shakshuka with feta, there are great family-pleasing no-fuss ideas aplenty. The best bit? Your feasts will be ready in a third of the time while retaining all the nutrients and flavour. Perfect for mid-week meals in a flash. Buy it.

The Wellness Principles

Gary Deng
The Wellness Principles Copy

World-renowned doctor Gary Deng has brings together his experience and knowledge in clinical medicine with his love of nourishing home cooking to create an authoritative guide to achieving balanced and mindful eating and living. With 100 recipes, all peppered with his expert advice, it refreshingly incorporates both tradition western wisdom and holistic medical philosophies for a guide to maintaining health and improving nutritional knowledge. Buy it.

Vegan At Home

Solla Eiríksdóttir
Vegan At Home Copy

Celebrated Icelandic cook and entrepreneur Solla Eiríksdóttir has created a brilliant edit of 145 simple and delicious vegan recipes, which are perfect for anyone curious about leading a plant-based life and wondering how to take the first step. She shows how to make quick, tasty meals for all occasions, from working week lunches to celebratory dinners with friends. Sections include ‘basics’ (including how to make your own nut milks); ‘everyday’ (breakfasts and dinners you’ll eat on repeat); and ‘celebrations’ (bigger family feasts). Conquer the first 75 basic recipes and you’ll have the foundations for all that follows - from sweet potato and smokey lentils to spicy strawberry pavlova. A great guide that shows plant-based doesn’t have to be tricky or restrictive. Buy it.

Ammu, Indian Home Cooking to Nourish your Soul

Asma Khan
Ammu, Indian Home Cooking To Nourish Your Soul

A tribute to Asma Khan’s Ammu (mother) and her kitchen in Calcutta, this beautifully illustrated book is filled with ‘Indian home cooking to nourish your soul’. It’s a beautiful full circle tale; Asha’s culinary career started in her own kitchen in London with a supper club back in 2012. Since then she has been at the forefront of the UK foodie scene with pop-up restaurants and the acclaimed ‘home-style Indian restaurant’, Darjeeling Express. Ammu is filled with nostalgic comfort food; think family recipes, foodie memories and authentic recipes filled with infectious love and warmth. A great hug of a read. Buy it.

By Lydia Mansi
February 2022

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