These financial podcasts make surprisingly compelling listening – look after your money!

Interested in finance and trading? Want to be smarter with your money? We’ve been turning to financial advice online for a while, but now finance podcasts are the booming medium for learning from money experts and entrepreneurs.

Debt, tax, credit cards, entrepreneurship, investing, money management, whatever you want to know about finance, it’s time to plug in and listen to some of the best finance podcasts ever recorded.

To discover the most compelling – and not dreary droning – financial podcasts, we turned to Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer of Zopa, the 'FeelGood Money' company. Here she picks the five best finance podcasts for 2019.

The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Helping customers feel good about money is a big focus for us at Zopa so this podcast is a natural favourite. Co-hosts actor and writer David Lloyd and financial planner Chris Budd, regularly talk about the link between happiness and money, offering help to achieve financial peace of mind. In the 40-episode back catalogue of The Financial Wellbeing Podcast you’ll learn everything from the principles of behavioural finance to theories of happiness.

This is Money Podcast

From the financial website This is Money, this eponymous podcast tells you everything you need to know about money each week. With topics ranging from buying a home to the NHS, it’s a great listen to catch up on the latest news from the financial markets to Whitehall.

The FT Money Show Podcast

I always find the FT Money Show really good to listen to for wider insight on a range of financial subject. Relevant and engaging, they recently ran an ISA special which discussed how it has become possible for younger investors to build up a million pound ISA portfolio.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box Podcast

An old favourite of mine, the BBC Radio 4 Money Box show is both insightful and practical in providing listeners with guides to help them make the most of their finances. I particularly like their discussion on tricks and tips to save more and how to get the best deals in the market.

The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

This podcast by personal finance expert and entrepreneur Pete Matthew does a great job of jargon busting and making sense of your finances. I like the way the show does masterclass episodes on a variety of subjects including workplace pensions how to invest ethically – making it easy to dip in and out of topics when relevant to you.

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