A new app is galloping across the financial landscape. AYU is a private membership network designed for hedge-fund professionals and high-net-worth investors around the globe.

Bringing the hedge-fund world into the 21st century, AYU is the industry’s only mobile platform.

The slick app promises an up-to-the-second news feed, purposeful connections between investors and hedge funds, notification of – and access to – the events that matter, and, with AYU’s brand partnership scheme, preferential treatment from the brands you love.

AYU was founded by “business networking maven” Gus Morison, who has a background in the hedge-fund industry. The app is the digital sister business to HedgeBrunch, a 12,000-member-strong events platform that Morison built in 2013 to connect the hedge-fund world.

He says of AYU: “We are building a tool that will be indispensable for HNW hedge fund professionals, with bespoke features that are useful every day of the week at work and at play.”

Pretend hedgies can turn away now, though. AYU is going to launch with 2,000 hand-selected founder members. If you haven’t made that grade, you can apply for membership yourself – but the vetting process is super-strict.

You cannot even enquire without using a work email address, giving the name of your company and stating whether you a. invest in or allocate to hedge funds; b. run or work in a hedge fund; or c. provide a service or advice to either or both of the above. Plus, you need to produce the name and work email address of a referee from within the industry.

Are you a brand or individual who needs the global hedge-fund industry at your fingertips? Then AYU’s digital members’ club is for you (provided they’ll let you in).

July 2018