What do you most value in life? What do you want to be remembered for? Do you compare yourself to your peers?

Creating a life you love and work that you’re proud of doesn’t come naturally to most of us. We asked Jess Rogers, Business Coach for female entrepreneurs, to think of ten tips to help you design your lives and work so that you can be fulfilled. Jess is a Certified Business and Executive Coach. Over the last 10 years, she has been working with female entrepreneurs and executives to help them find more purpose and joy in their work and in their lives. She is on the prestigious judging panel of the Good Web Guide Awards 2019.

Here are Jess’s top ten tips to create a life you love and to do work that you’re proud of.

1. Decide what you value most in life

These are the things, thoughts, feelings that are at your core. They make you tick, make you leap out of bed in the morning and bring you unbridled joy. This may be a specific activity; it may also be people. Being clear on what these things are sets the tone for how you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. When you know what really matters to you and what your value most, you can let go of the rest.

2. Define the legacy you want to leave the world

What do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to impact, and how? An exercise I do with my clients is to get them to imagine someone is giving a speech about them in 30 years time. I ask them to say what they want to be said about them and their work.

3. Be clear on who you want to serve and for whom you want make a difference

Drawing from your own life and work experience, think about what would have benefitted you. Can you make that difference to someone else now? Take a look at the world around you; if money and time were no object, what would you work to change or improve? Use this as a starting point to discovering the difference you want to make.

4. Focus on yourself and take care of yourself

We hear a lot about self-care; allow your ‘self care’ to go beyond spa days and holidays. Take time out regularly and focus on ‘being’ rather than just ‘doing’. Care for yourself daily by developing habits that enable you to have time to be still, physically and mentally. Focus on what you need to feel nourished. I suggest daily journaling at the beginning and end of each day. Take proper breaks through the day with no screens or distractions. Daily exercise in fresh air; this can be a 10 minute walk. Make time to speak to people that make you laugh!

5. Be prepared to say no unapologetically

If something doesn’t feel right or you just don’t want to do it or be involved, say ‘no’. Do not explain or make excuses. Just give a firm ‘no, that’s not for me’. Remember every time you say ‘yes’ to something that does not serve you, you are saying ‘no’ to your own vision, goals and purpose. With every unapologetic no you are saying yes to you and your purpose.

6. Cultivate meaningful relationships

There is a lot to be said for surrounding yourself with the right people. The right relationships is about having an eco-system of support for all of the different aspects of your life and business. Find a coach, mentors, sponsors and supporters who understand and support you and your vision.

7. Surround yourself with radiators not drains

You reflect the energy of those with whom you spend the most time. Consciously spend time with people that lift you up and for whom you can do the same. Discover those who will challenge you to be your best, support you when you are challenged and celebrate with you with a joyful heart. Avoid and eliminate energy draining relationships personal and professional.

8. Invest in your personal and professional development

Make your development your priority. Read and listen to books, listen to podcasts, attend seminars and take courses. Feed your mind, it needn’t cost you the earth and it will be worth it.

9. Be yourself and don’t be tempted to copy or compare

Comparison truly is the thief of joy! You are unique. No one else has your experience, your vision or your ideas so own it! Don’t look at what others are doing. Focus on what you are doing and the difference you are making. It’s great to see others’ achievements; help them to celebrate these but do not let this derail you from your own path. Remember, just because someone else is ‘doing well,’ it does not mean that you are failing. You make your own definition of success. Focus on achieving that.

10. Practice Gratitude

Take time to write down and acknowledge all that you have achieved and all that you are grateful for. By adopting an attitude of gratitude, you automatically feel more fulfilled as you actively acknowledge all the great things you have in your life and in your work. Start a gratitude journal and make it a practice to add to it every day.

Use these tips as a guide to design the life and work YOU want.

June 2019

By Jess Rogers, Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs