Do your bit to reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis.These useful sites can help.

David Attenborough’s clarion call in an emotive episode of Planet Earth felt like a turning point in the public’s consciousness around the global plastic crisis facing our oceans.

The Government has since put in place bans on common culprits such as plastic straws and single-use shopping bags, while many food brands and supermarkets are reducing their plastic packaging… but what can we do within our own homes to make an impact? As a nation we are currently generating 5 million tonnes of plastic waste a year as consumers, so the answer is PLENTY. If you’re just starting out on a plastic detox, Friends of the Earth have a wealth of information and tips, covering the main categories – from kitchen to bathroom, garden and even pet supplies. Here’s a round-up of some of the best online plastic-free stores to restock your home:

Plastic Free Pantry

Plastic Free Pantry are incentivising shoppers to think beyond their own home and are offering 10% off with any order for those who pick up 10 pieces of litter from their community. They offer wholefoods and pantry staples in paper or home-compostable plant film – delivered to your door. Not only are they helping consumers reduce their plastic consumption, but their food miles too – with a well-stocked ‘British Produce’ section for those looking to buy their goods closer to home.

Lowtox Box

Lowtox Box deliver plastic-free gifting with their clever box edits. Choose from shave kits, mindfulness boxes, travel essentials and new mum and baby hampers. All packaged up (plastic-free of course) and ready to gift to your eco-conscious recipient. If you want in on the action yourself, there are individual products too – including the brilliantly designed rCup reusable coffee cup, natty bamboo socks and luxe beauty products to detox your beauty cabinet.

Zephr Eco Market

Zephr Eco Market was launched by a 23-year old zoology graduate, impassioned to do her bit to protect the ocean’s biodiversity from the ravages of plastic pollution after studying the effects first hand. Offering a small but inspiring edit of globally sourced plastic alternatives – including clever coconut bowls, cork yoga mats and bamboo cutlery.

Plastic Free Shop

Bristol-based ‘Plastic Free Shop’ curate a beautiful edit of over 50 design-led plastic-free brands, advocating ‘small steps’ they have a great books section and blog to help you make small but meaningful steps towards plastic-free living. They also offer an innovative ‘Gardening’ section, with plastic-free plant pots, wildflower seeds and sustainable wool twine.

Zero Waste Club

Zero Waste Club is an online, plastic free grocers – delivering all your weekly goods to your door, minus the plastic packaging. They stock a whole gambit of dried goods – cereals, grains, condiments and pasta – there’s tea, coffee and chocolate, too. All organic and delivered in 100% biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Great for stocking up on ‘bulk goods’ for the store cupboard. Simply add a ‘veg box delivery’ scheme and you can eschew the plastic laden ‘weekly shop’ for good.

Kick Plastic

Kick Plastic have put together clever ‘starter kits’ to help you ‘kick your plastic habit’ – great if you’re lacking inspiration, as a gift for new homeowners or if you’re just looking for the perfect gift to ‘convert’ a plastic-using friend. There are curated kits for travel, bathroom, kitchen and even a ‘festival kit’ – perfect for introducing the next generation to plastic-free living.

Friendly Turtle

Friendly Turtle’s ethical and eco-conscious online store was set up by East London couple, Ricky and Amy – who share vlogs from their travels and highlight plastic-impact issues on their eco blog. They’ve put together a great gift edit of beauty and foodie goodies, as well as all the everyday household essentials you may need. They donate 10% of their profits to charities and social causes that work towards cleaning up the world’s oceans, too.

Peace with the Wild

If you’re looking to tackle the plastic in your bathroom, Peace with the Wild is a great site to start – their range of beauty products, including skincare, hair and make-up includes some of the biggest eco-friendly brands, many of them offering re-fillable options, too. There’s also a great edit of re-usable make-up pads, cloth wipes, ear buds and many other common single-use beauty items for easy switches. Check out the mama and baby range and start them young, with cloth nappies, natural babycare products and even milk bottles and dummies. Making plastic-free family life that bit easier.

Plastic Freedom

Launched ‘one cold March day in 2017’ with founder Beth’s first noble pledge to ‘never buy a plastic bottle again’ - it’s incredible to see how Plastic Freedom has evolved in 2 short years. Now with a huge product range of plastic-free alternatives, if you’re not sure where to start there’s a handy ‘inspiration’ section to get you on the right track. They offer a great ‘refill’ service on a range of eco-cleaning and laundry products – plus they plant a tree for every order placed. Double win.

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August 2019

By Lydia Mansi