If you care about what you're buying, download this ethical rating app, 200,000 other people have.

Launched in Australia in 2015, Good On You is an ethical rating app; the largest of its kind in the world, it has been downloaded by 200,000 users and backed by Emma Watson, allowing users to ‘wear the change they want to see’. The app allows consumers to quickly and effortlessly check the credentials of over 2000 brands before they buy. Sifting through the ‘green-washing’ marketing and allowing buyers to make informed purchases based on a thorough set of criteria as they browse the high-street or online stores.

Co-founded by Gordon Renouf and Sandra Capponi and backed by a team of campaigners, fashion professionals, scientists, writers and developers – they ‘read between the seams’, using expert analysis and industry accreditation guidelines to scrutinise every aspect of a brand’s business and manufacture – giving an easy to understand rating from ‘great’ through ‘good’, ‘it’s a start’, ‘not good enough’ to ‘we avoid’; giving fashion fans a clear steer on the champions and the failures of the ethical spectrum. You can also save on ethical fashion with exclusive offers from high-rated brands. If you can’t find a rating for the brand you’re looking for you can submit them for review and there is also the ‘campaigning functionality’ to get your voice heard and leave your feedback directly with brands who you’d like to see improve their ethical policies.

So, what do the team look for when rating a brand’s ethical credentials? Firstly: People. The team assesses the impact of manufacture on the workers across the supply chain. Looking at policies and practices on child labour, forced labour, safety and fair pay. They award those who have a transparent and traceable manufacturing process that supports and protects its workforce.
Next up is the planet, they look at a brand’s resource use, energy consumption and carbon emissions – as well as impacts on water, and chemical use. Plainly put, they are seeking out brands that are treading lightly on the earth and implement green manufacturing. Beyond how a garment has been made, this digs deeper and looks at whether the raw materials have been sustainably sourced.

Finally, a company’s stance on animal products is closely considered – are fur, leather, angora, feathers and exotic skins used?

You can also search the Good On You’ directory by product type, helping you seek out the most ethically produced activewear, knitwear, suits, swimwear and maternity before you buy. You can refine by price, style and ethical rating, to hone in on the brands you love for their looks and their green credentials, too.

Their regularly updated journal is a great reference of ethical articles and tips – from material guides to help you shop – ‘How Ethical is Cotton?’ debates whether the resource-heavy and chemically treated crop can ever be truly sustainable. There are tips for a greener home, plus interviews with founders of ethical, independent brands and sustainable fashion campaigners.

You can download the Good on You app via the App Store or Google Play. Visit the website here.

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