Digital business on the go: the best 5 apps to scan, fax and sign documents from your iPhone

Need to sign a document remotely? Or scan a document on your iPhone? Or you have clients who still rely on fax? You don’t have either time or inclination to bike or post and anyway, your smart phone can get you out of this tight spot. We’ve looked at the best apps to help you scan, fax and sign documents with your iPhone. Sort your paperwork from your phone on the go.


We love paperless offices, don’t you? Over 5 million people use SignEasy to sign and send their contracts, invoices, work orders or approvals from their smartphone or tablet. If it's a legal document you need to sign, and you need all the assurances that it will be sent in the manner to which it is accustomed, then SignEasy is the app that will take on the weighty responsibility. Just import the document from a number of clients such as Dropbox, sign with your finger or a stylus and then send the final document to whomever you choose, you can even save a copy in the process, just so you don't forget what you've signed. A very real solution.


The fax still lives! You’d have thought that email, e-signature services and scanners would have killed off the fax machine. But no, many businesses insist on transmitting data, legally binding documents and contracts via fax. Need to fax online or by email? Create a virtual office using eFax, the UK’s premium online faxing service that allows you to send and receive faxes by email or by the eFax mobile app. You can sign up to a no obligation 30-day free trial and receive £12 worth of free faxes. This service makes sending and receiving a fax over the internet as easy as sending or receiving an ordinary email.

Fax App

Download Faxapp to send faxes over the internet to a ‘classic’ fax machine. This very simple solution enables you to send photos, texts of PDF's from Mail or Safari to a good old fashioned fax machine. You can add a cover sheet and you'll even receive an update on the status of your document. Fax App is free to download but not free to use. The only thing that might slow you down is the in-app payment, but well, you can't have everything.

Tiny Scanner App

People have used and recommended the free version of Tiny Scanner for years; you can scan a document, receipt, photo, whatever you want, and then email it. The latest version of the App has many improvements so you can created your pdf books using photos, and save them to books (previously iBooks).

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March 2019