Poppy Fraser

Instagram picks by Poppy Fraser, budding food writer now on YouTube.

Poppy Fraser wrote the cook book '10 Minute Suppers for Children' which came out in September 2015. She self published the book, as a way of getting through having her number three and four children within a year of each other. She knew that having a list of quick suppers would be essential, and that is how the book grew. It has been a huge success reaching number 7 on Amazon's bestseller list. Poppy is launching videos of her '10 Minute recipes' on her site and YouTube channel.

Here Poppy shares her favourite instagrammers:


This is a young company set up by an entrepreneur Susie Willis. I was lucky enough to be called in as a guinea pig in the early stages of their product development, so have watched it grow. It is an uncompromisingly pure beauty product range with divine products. It has been so exciting watching the company grow and knowing they have built something truly special and unique.


This is a magical children's clothing company set up by a clever young mother of four. Every image is other worldly, of children usually up a tree or on a swing or doing something sweet. I usually wait for their incredible sales and go mad in them buying for godchildren and my own.


Delicious food, beautifully presented. It's always inspiring to see what Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones have come up with; they do things very cleverly. I have watched Lucy grow this business from scratch, and am so excited to see it become as successful as it has.


Photography is a passion of mine, and this feed always has beautiful photographs, from all over the world, that raise the spirits. To me, there is a theme with the photographers and their photographs are always clean, bright and vibrant.


This is a little boy with leukaemia who I don't know, but I somehow found him on insta and now feel as if I know him and his mother very well. His mother posts incredibly moving stories of their day-to-day life. There is such a wave of support and love from everyone following him, all of us praying and urging him to recover and get home. I think about Cassius a lot.

February 2017

Photo of Poppy courtesy of James King