Look away now if you have a perfect teenager who lives their life by colour-coded notes and adheres perfectly to revision timetables. Still with us? Right, well then you know that the very idea of GCSEs is daunting for both parents and children. To avoid the legendary despair, panic and disappointment, we’ve rounded up the apps and sites you’ll want in your back pocket.

BBC Bitesize App

Like many of the BBC’s ancillary offerings, this app is an unsung hero. Bringing GCSE revision resources to your fingertips for free, it features flashcards, guides, tips and tests for Maths, English, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Geography, History and PE. Meanwhile, have a read of this brilliant article about what not to say to your children during their exam period.

Adapt Revision Timetable App

Founded by a GCSE Examiner, a cognitive psychologist and a computer Scientist, this award-winning app is designed to help students stay on top of their revision. Providing effective and personalised revision-planning and assessment feedback, it is almost too good to be true – but students, schools and parents all rave about it. The most expensive package costs £9.99 a month – which is 26 times cheaper than private tutoring, according to the clever people at Adapt – but a free three-day trial is available to all.

Spree Revision

This small company – with a permanent waiting list – offers a frictionless revision program for £199. For that, Spree Revision’s 50 students get a live coaching session at the start of the Christmas holidays, a bespoke action plan, a personalised digital timetable, monthly reports, an anti-procrastination strategy and a check-in meeting in the last few months before their exams.

Elevate Education

Using young, energetic presenters to whom students easily relate, Elevate Education has created bespoke study-skills workshops for over 850 schools across the country. The multi-award-winning company offers seminars that actually achieve behavioural change and really useful follow-up resources, too.


This platform was created by a visionary group of teachers, parents and students who wanted a simple and user-friendly resource for students studying towards their Maths, Science and English GCSEs. Incorporating learning notes, videos, quizzes and worksheets, the mobile-first site is designed to complement schoolwork without the rigidity of a textbook – for just 16p a day.

By Becky Ladenburg
February 2024