Life, by Okinawa

One of the world's best kept secrets. Okinawa holds the secret of longevity, find out why.

Where in the world is Okinawa? It's a tropical paradise at the southern most tip of Japan, an archipelago comprising of hundreds of islands that span across 1,000 kilometres. Not only does it offer a great holiday destination but we could all learn a thing or two from its centenarians, as Okinawa has the highest number in the world.

Islanders are known for their happy outlook on life. They enjoy a healthy diet, with local vegetables; they're active and take care of the mind with meditation as part of their daily routine. All things that we could benefit from in the frenetic lifestyles that we all lead.

Life, by Okinawa is a series of three films that explore what this place has to offer. In a world that doesn't ever stop, Okinawa is special. It invited three groups from around the world and showed them what life in Okinawa was like, helping them reconnect with life and their surroundings.


Tracy is an entrepreneur from Singapore who is constantly connected to her phone. On her trip to Okinawa, Tracy learns a different type of connection.


Jen and Sarah work in fashion and PR around Los Angeles. Their journey to Okinawa sees them experiencing a different set of beauty standards.


Daniel Fuchs IS a fashion blogger from Dusseldorf, Germany, who takes fitness very seriously. Follow his journey to Okinawa as he's taken out of his comfort zone and given a new fitness regime to follow.

Watch the episodes on Okinawa's YouTube channel.

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December 2016