If you are keen to give your lily-white limbs a dusting of colour to kickstart the summer season, we have fifteen sunless tanners to try that even the most slapdash of applicators can’t fail with. If you’re short on time or a novice in the world of fake tan but would like a glowy, natural-looking, instant tint of colour, these are the products to add to basket this month.

Fake Tanning Application Tips

Go Natural

Look at your own skin tone and pick a fake tan shade that matches the colour you would naturally go in the sun for the most natural finish.

Slowly Does It

If you are a newbie to the sunless tanner game, look for the lightest shade in a gradual formula that you can build up day after day until you reach the shade you want.

Added Benefits

Look out for the new generation of fake tans that also contain skincare ingredients to help smooth and hydrate as they colour.

Prep Is Key

Your tan will only be as good as the prep work you put in. Shave a minimum of 48-hours before applying tan. Do not shower immediately before tanning as the heat will open your pores and cause a mottled effect. Exfoliate thoroughly 24-hours before tanning, paying attention to elbows, ankles, heels and neck. Moisturise generously, and don’t apply any oils, deodorants or make-up before tanning.