As the air fills with the scent of sugary pink blossom and the warmth of the sun finally kisses our skin, it's time to embrace the spirit of spring with a fresh flush of colour on our cheeks with a pop of pink blush.

When it comes to applying pink blushers for that coveted healthy glow, do remember these golden rules.

Choosing The Right Shade

From soft baby pinks to vibrant fuchsias, the key is to select a shade that complements your skin tone. Fair skin tones may lean towards lighter pinks, while deeper skin tones can rock richer, more pigmented hues.

Blending Is Key

Whether you opt for cream, powder, or balm textures, always blend your blush seamlessly into your skin for a natural, radiant finish rather than a tell-tell ‘stripe’. Use a fluffy brush for powder textures and your fingertips for creams and balms.

Placement Matters

Smile gently and apply blush to the outer, upper edges of the apples of your cheeks, then blend upwards towards your temples for a lifted effect. Avoid applying blush too close to your nose to prevent a "clown-like" appearance.

Consider your skin texture and the finished result you are looking for when blusher shopping, you make want a subtle flush of health, or need a long-wear finish - whatever your blush-preference, there is a texture to match…

Cream Blush

Ideal for dry or mature skin types, cream blushes provide a dewy, luminous finish that melts seamlessly into the skin. They offer buildable coverage and are perfect for achieving a fresh, natural look. However, those with oily skin may find that cream blushes have a shorter wear time and can sometimes feel tacky on the skin.

Powder Blush

Powder blushes are versatile and easy to apply; they work well for all skin types, offering long-lasting colour payoff and a matte finish. However, they may accentuate dry patches on the skin, so be sure to moisturise beforehand if you have dry skin.

Balm Blush

For a sheer wash of colour and a dewy glow, balm blushes are the way to go. Perfect for achieving that coveted "no-makeup makeup" look, they're hydrating and blend effortlessly onto the skin. However, those with oily skin may find that balm blushes can feel too greasy and may need to set them with a translucent powder for greater staying-power.