Beautiful luxury apartment rentals in the most iconic cities in the world, as well as a collection of very tempting villas in selected destinations.

So this is your conundrum; you’re looking for a holiday, you want a specific dedicated domain full of beautiful properties in the most iconic cities in the world, or a villa in one of Europe’s most desirable locations, what do you do? Head straight to the elegant domain that goes by the name of The Luxury Travel Book of course.


A whole plethora of incredible luxury apartment rentals that will ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime, whether it's Paris, London, New York, Rome, Florence, Venice, or Barcelona, or even further afield, you can trust in the fact that all the properties are vetted to the hilt. More recently, a personal selection of luxury villas have been added to the website, all in destinations that The Luxury Travel Book knows well. These include Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, Greek islands, Croatian islands and Balearic islands, as well as stunning selection of properties in Cape Town.


As enthusiasts for all their destinations, The Luxury Travel Book prides itself on offering extra services and information for guests, from recommended restaurants, cultural events and city tours, to cookery lessons and yacht charters. There’s even a blog with additional travel insights into your destination of choice.


The Luxury Travel Book is an exceptionally useful travel resource for the seasoned traveller, or one addicted to new and enlightening experiences. Well worth a browse of a lunchbreak to fire inspiration for your next holiday.

September 2017