The best online portfolio website for artists and designers.

Put bluntly, if you’re an artist by profession, you need punters to see your work. In addition to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the business-savvy creative-type display their work in an online portfolio. The web has become a springboard, as much as a sales platform in its own right. People visit art fairs like Frieze or Affordable Art Fair, make note of artists they like to later look up – and confidently – buy from online. Here, we look atBehance, possibly the best online portfolio website for artists and designers.


Behance does two things well. It is a first-rate place to showcase your artwork to a vast audience for free, and also to network with millions of like-minded people. As part of the Adobe family,Behance allows artists, animators, photographers, buyers and curators to reach a wider-reaching audience than any bricks and mortar gallery.


It is media friendly which is fortunate as artists typically aren’t the type to enjoy coding so no tedious HTML or CSS heavy pages here. Photographers can upload still images, musicians – audio files while filmmakers upload their reels. It is also linked to other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to maximize potential exposure. To make Behance work best for you, acknowledge that since it is a social media platform, you must follow and appreciate others, and update your portfolio regularly in order to attract a following yourself.

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October 2016