Get your customers, followers and fans to vote for your digital enterprise.

You've entered our Awards, selecting some of the categories that are most appropriate to your digital enterprise, whether it's a website, app, vlog, podcast or content creation. The GWG's panel of industry experts will decide on the category winners and the overall winner of the 2021 GWG Awards.

However, the People's Choice runs alongside the main Awards programme and this is where you can get your customers, followers and fans involved.

Entries in this category are judged purely on the response from their customers/clients who vote for them. The judges play no part in the People's Choice and it's up to you, the entrants to drive the votes.

The voting will take place from 1st November until the day of the virtual Awards Ceremony in early December. This date will be confirmed by September.

It's simple, the entry that receives the most votes, wins the People's Choice category. Past winners of this category include SpaceMasks, Lizzie Loves Healthy, Wicked Uncle and From The Box Office.

June 2021

Team GWG

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