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As we draw towards the close of an unprecedented year, it is time to pause and reflect on some of the positives we can take away. One such is the way in which 2020 has highlighted what is important to us. Most of us will have travelled less, but when it comes to planning future escapes, more than ever, it feels imperative that they should be both memorable and meaningful.

Ker & Downey® Africa specialises in creating trips that are more than just holidays; rather these are experiences to treasure a lifetime. The point of difference is that the team behind these dreams views the work it does not simply as vacation arranging, but as a mission: in its words, ‘to create unique adventures that challenge, connect and build legacies.’ As part of that concept, Ker & Downey® Africa’s work pushes the boundaries of travel to that vast and beautiful continent, keeping close and fostering the spirit of adventure at all times.

Where To Go And When

Experts in top African destinations, Ker & Downey® Africa’s site is simple and easily navigable, highlighting exactly the appropriate months to travel to each country. If you want to get away as soon is possible, South Africa is designated an all-year-round holiday, groaning with bucket list potential, from catching sight of the Big Five on safari to trail running up Table Mountain for the truly adventurous.

Meanwhile, for those who wish to ward off post-Christmas winter blues, January and February are perfect months to explore Tanzania, whether to dive along its spectacular coastline; to safari to the summit of Kilimanjaro; or to explore the foot of the behemoth by bike. It is also the moment to witness the astonishing Great Migration. Dubbed ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’ and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, there are few sights more jaw-dropping than observing millions of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras – along with other complete eco-systems – as they journey across the Serengeti in search of better grazing lands.

Meanwhile, from May to October, why not explore Malawi? One of the continent’s most untouched wildlife destinations, here you can clap eyes on herds of elephants, prides of lions and bathing hippos all grazing on its endless plains, or go diving in the enormous lake that bisects the country. Alternatively, during the same months, Zimbabwe is a spectacular destination, whether you want to visit Victoria Falls simply to marvel at its natural wonder or to engage in the plethora in adrenaline-fuelled activities around it. And for those who want to up the safari ante, Mana Pools has a wonderful reputation for encountering big game on foot – naturally, with the right guides to ensure that you get the most from the experience safely. These are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. Visit Ker & Downey® Africa to find out more.

Bespoke Trips

For adventurers wishing to design a completely tailor-made experience, Ker & Downey® Africa’s Lux Venture Trips, offer all of the above, plus extra. Carefully crafted to ‘challenge and connect’ you, these custom explorations are designed to be life-changing. Ever considered mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Or a bespoke culinary journey round Morocco? Or what about a hot air balloon safari in Botswana? These, plus a myriad of others, promise to be that much-prized thing: the holiday of a lifetime.

As the team behind these spectacular experiences reflect, ‘We are incredibly passionate about creating African experiences for people from around the globe that are nothing short of life changing. The only way we know how to do that is by creating original and thrilling adventures for our guests that challenge them, give them opportunity to connect with the people and cultures they visit, and leave their legacy.’

Amen to that and happy travels.

November 2020

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.