Whisk the whole family away on an eco-holiday of a lifetime to Africa

Lounging on a beach or poolside, book and cocktail in hand, is of course, a classic and time-honoured way to holiday. And while that combination will never go out of style, it can, after a while, begin to merge into one. For anyone who is seeking an experiential holiday, one that will live in the memory forever, Jumbari’s responsible safaris are tailor-made to enjoy with the whole – often multi-generational – family in mind.

As such, they present the ideal solution. After all, no one has ever forgotten the first time they clapped eyes on a herd of elephants or a pride of lions in their natural habitat; nor have they drawn a blank when asked to recall the time they spotted cheetahs playing on the plains. And in organising such life-changing moments, Jumbari in turn, never forgets its own commitment to eco-conscious travel.

In its own words, ‘Africa is a continent of exotic locations, diverse cultures, epic wildlife and action-packed experiences. An enormous outdoor classroom, Africa is truly an enriching travel destination and engaging teachable moments are abound everywhere. Jumbari Family Safaris has researched, explored and selected world-class lodges in malaria-free destinations that offer fun-filled experiences for the entire family. With professional child-minding services, Junior Ranger Programmes, shorter game drives for the little ones and engaging kid-friendly activities, families can now enjoy hassle-free safaris that meet and exceed your family’s expectations when traveling with Jumbari.’

If you ever felt that a safari was off-limits because your children are too young, or indeed your extended family is not young enough; if you’ve have been put off by such an adventure while parenting solo, or because of concerns about pleasing children of different ages, Jumbari allows you to think again.

From the outset, its travel experts smooth the way, picking you up in a private transfer that can comfortably accommodate the whole family and thus setting the tone for the rest of your travels. You can expect professional child-minding services; age-appropriate gifts for the kids to interest and occupy them as you travel; activities such as the Junior Rangers Programmes; and outdoor treasure hunts, all against the backdrop of stunning accommodation – from lodges to villas, all in malaria-free zones – that have been designed with the needs of family living in mind. Meanwhile, for older children and teens, overnight sleep-outs and educational walking safaris are among a few of the options to keep them riveted throughout.

Leaving A Light Foortprint

In light of the climate crisis, travelling overseas comes with great responsibility. It is a duty that Jumbari takes exceptionally seriously. In order to leave the lightest footprint possible, it works with eco design lodges, as well as giving ample opportunity for guests to give back by connecting with local communities and supporting charitable efforts in the areas they visit. Meanwhile its travel experts ensure to educate young minds in wildlife conservation, while making the most of opportunities to see and contribute to it in action. To read more about Jumbari’s work in Africa, click here.

Top Destinations

The wealth of extraordinary experiences on offer does, however, present an agony of choice. To help to navigate the options, do visit Jumbari’s excellent and free-to-download guides to the areas it frequently travels to. Still not sure? Here, we pick out three trips that are top of our holiday wish-list.

12 Day South Africa Blue Train Safari (Age 16+)

What is more evocative of old-world glamour than a luxury train ride through spectacular scenery? This twelve-day journey takes guests to Cape Town, where you can explore Cape Point and the Cape Winelands, before whisking you off to Hermanus for some land-based whale watching, and finally heading to Kruger National Park for a Big Five safari.

14 Day Family Friendly Safari in Southern Africa

Delight your kids, who travel free on this wonderful adventure, with a family-friendly safari at Pilanesberg Game Reserve. You will stay in gorgeous lodges along the way (the route takes in Cape Town, Franschhoek and the Garden Route), before heading to the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls for a showstopping finale to your trip.

7 Day Green Season Safari (age 6+)

Botswana is home to a wonderfully diverse landscape and, as such, the opportunity to see extraordinary wildlife all year round is guaranteed. In December, the summer rains transform the hitherto dry bush into a lush green landscape, full of flowers in bloom and animals grazing on the fresh new bounty. Spectacular.

For more information on these trips, and plenty of ideas for others, do visit Jumbari’s website.

November 2020

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