Having kids shouldn’t mean the thrill of travel has to be put on the back burner. Africa is the perfect destination for an adventure.

Africa: a continent of wild, exotic locations, diverse cultures, epic wildlife and action-packed experiences. A thrilling, stimulating destination with a diverse offering of unique wildlife, cultures, languages and landscapes. An educational playground for all ages.

Having kids shouldn’t mean the thrill of travel has to be put on the back burner. In fact, as daunting as it may initially seem, getting the kids out of the house and, more importantly, out of their comfort zones, can be incredibly beneficial for the whole family. Yes, there may be slightly more packing involved, but once you have a trusted operator tending to your planning needs, it’s really just a matter of taking the plunge and setting off on your adventure. Sprogs in tow.

One such trusted operator is Jumbari Family Safaris – an award-winning responsible travel company that strives to simplify the process of booking a family safari, keeping your entire family’s needs in mind each and every step of the way. A venture from esteemed safari and African travel experts, Ker & Downey® Africa, Jumbari comprises a team of experts who are united by a love of travel and who are committed to curating extraordinary moments to ensure your trip is one you will never forget.

So, why choose Africa for your family safari? Despite some misconceptions of the continent, there are heaps of reasons why Africa is ideal for children of all ages.

Cultural Awareness

A safari expedition in Africa will not only instil a deep appreciation for the natural world in your children, it will also expose them to a wide range of cultures – teaching them about people of different races, religions, and customs. Jumbari offers children of all ages the unique opportunity to interact with local communities, all while learning about the importance of supporting a greener, more sustainable approach to life that benefits people from all walks of life.

An Education of a Lifetime

Africa really is just one huge outdoor classroom with engaging things to learn around every corner. Jumbari has researched and explored world-class lodges that offer fun, educational experiences including Junior Ranger Programmes that teach kids how to identify different animals, birds, plant species and other bushveld wonders. They will also gain a better understanding of conservation and the preservation of the eco system.

Digital Detox

Despite Wi-Fi being available at many of the lodges, there is no connectivity on game drives and in the free wilds of the bush. In this age of mind-numbing smartphones, screens and social media pressure, this break away from technology transports children (and adults alike) back into the real world and allows them to experience their surroundings without distractions. Provide them with a pencil and a checklist and let the good, old-fashioned game viewing fun begin!

Family Bonding

Undoubtedly the most rewarding part of travelling as a family is the unique opportunity to bond without the stresses, distractions, and worries of home. With every single detail covered by Jumbari, meals, transfers, flights, guides, game drives, and more, the only thing left for families to do is enjoy each other and their magnificent surroundings, creating lasting memories to take home and cherish.

Jumbari Family Safaris has researched, explored and selected world-class lodges in malaria-free destinations that offer fun-filled experiences for the entire family. With professional child-minding services, Junior Ranger Programmes, shorter game drives for the little ones and engaging kid-friendly activities, families can now enjoy hassle-free safaris that meet and exceed your family’s expectations when traveling with Jumbari.

December 2020

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