Spend your hard earned money on a getaway that’s so much more than the everyday because, as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

Thinking ahead to happier times, when we can travel where we want to, see friends and family and booking a holiday, we asked Classic Glamping for some advice.

Let’s start at the beginning. Camping is one of those love it or hate it things. Some people love the stark contrast to the modern world, getting in touch with survival instincts and living simply for a few days. Others can’t think of anything worse.

Nowadays it’s not good enough to put up some bunting on a bell tent and call it glamourous camping. We want creature comforts. We want amenities. We want a hot tub! We want space to relax.

There’s been a turn of the tide in the unique holiday accommodation market. We’ve been tracking the signs – the people want something a little more special, something a little more considered, something that looks great on their Instagram feed. Most glamping offerings are too close to glamping – great for the niche of people who want to stay true to their childhood memories of camping in the 80s, but most people are wondering whatever possessed their parents to pick up a tent pole back then. The glamping niche is stretching its canvas hold to a product that’s much closer to boutique holiday cottages than it is tents. There has to be a wow factor.

So we make sure to choose places to stay that have exactly that.

Captain Blake’s Retreat is one of those places you see in the distance and wonder how it came to be – and how you can get to be there. Owned and renovated by Mount Edgcumbe Estate, this was until recently a run-down shack, but now stands proud in front of panorama of sea with no near neighbours. You’ll have the luxury of solitude here, with only the occasional intrepid hiker traversing the coastal path around Rame Head. Bliss.

If you get bored of all the blue, how about hanging out in the trees? Let the warmth of wood surround you, not just the living treetops surrounding the raised deck, but these rather special yurts are clad in cedar. It’s beautifully ensconced in nature but with the fine detail of a luxury holiday home; every corner has a little something to impress, from rope trims to bespoke switches…oh, and there’s your very own hot tub.

Speaking of hot tubs, if you want to hideaway just the two of you and enjoy the bubbliness together, find Old Orchard Cabin hidden in the countryside with views out over Devon. It looks like something out of a fairytale but with all the mod cons. And that hot tub under starry night skies…

March 2020