Get plugged-in to what the locals are doing with the help of a Navigator, who can connect you with the very best experiences in the neighbourhood of your hotel. Watch The Navigator's Table to find out more.

You know the scenario only too well. Travelling on business or on holiday, you arrive in a city up to speed on all the points of interest you should visit. But really, is that what you want to do, follow the herd? Thank heavens that travel nowadays is more about getting under the skin of a city, going off the radar and doing what the locals do. With the rise and rise of influencers and the legions of bloggers, finding insider tips is so much easier. The space is full of great advice on where to eat, what to do and which shops are worth a visit.

Clever Renaissance Hotels to pick up on the trend and offer its independent-minded clients a route in to some of the best authentic local experiences on offer. There are 160 hotels in the group and each boasts a Navigator, who is on hand with great ideas of sampling local life, that will feed the guest's curiosity. The Navigators have been hand-picked for the breadth of their local knowledge, making sure you can find what the guidebooks don't tell you. They are continually on the lookout for inspiring new experiences in the neighbourhood and are on hand to answer your questions. We're talking celebrating local culture, people and the talents of the neighbourhood. They can recommend the best place to enjoy a cocktail or meal, sample music at a local gig or take in an art gallery, all of which helps you get the most out of your stay.


Renaissance Hotels has put together five films, The Navigator's Table, that focus on top destinations, showcasing London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, and Barcelona with local influencers sharing why they love their city.

Sit back and enjoy the show; then start to plan your next trip away.

December 2017