The clever folk at Classic Glamping now offer a free consultancy service for people who want to set up their own glamping accomodation.

Based in the south west of England, Classic Glamping is a tightly edited and fiercely impressive glamping directory of shepherd’s huts, cabins, yurts, safari tents and shacks that are available for rent and guaranteed to blow you away with their unique beauty and luxurious facilities.

At the heart of the Classic Glamping’s ethos are three golden rules: that you will get your own bathroom (with hot water on tap); there will be a proper flushing loo; and that the standard of service you receive from the company will be absolutely top notch.

Now, in accordance with the 14th-century proverb, “from little acorns do mighty oaks grow”, the company – which was established in 2013 – is expanding ever further.

Its latest ventures include a free consultancy that can help you turn a humble patch of your land into a glorious glamping site and a wonderful new website called

If you are considering the creation of your own glamping site, look no further than Classic Glamping’s Field to Finish Consultancy Service and get in touch with Jakie Jewell. The company’s glamping expert will leap at the chance to check out your proposed patch of land and advise on every detail thereafter.

Classic Glamping says: “If it has a view, Jakie will look at it; if it is hidden away, she’ll find it; and if it’s glorious, she’ll show you how to make the most of it.”

They promise to:

Help you turn a patch of land (whether it’s a muddy field, a quiet part of your large back garden or a piece of woodland) into a fabulous glamping getaway

Understand what guests want – and how you can give it to them

Provide tip-top marketing know-how to max out your bookings

Handle the nitty-gritty of IT, admin and finances

Hold your hand every step of the way

At the Glamping Show 2018, TV presenter Max McMurdo interviewed Jakie about all things glamping. Take a look at the inspirational video here.

She will also be at this year’s Glamping Show at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire later this month. Not only will she be sharing the pearls of her wisdom, she will also be giving away flower seeds to introduce another new branch of Classic Glamping, the website,

The aim of this stylish new site is to become a hub of everything associated with the alternative accommodation market. It will include plenty of tips and tricks for those who want to be involved in the world of glamping. Sign up now to its Essential List and be among the first to hear about quirky new glamping destinations.

It’s time to do away with carbon-emission guilt and make your next holiday a glamping one.

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