For bags of chic style in the countryside and views guaranteed to get you in the mood for a staycation, take a look at these glamping spots picked by

Most of us take the UK’s countryside for granted and forget just how much there is to see – we’re all guilty of it! It’s time to take in the beauty of what we have right here – and these days, the only way is glam. Whether you want to grab some ideas for your next holiday, or just browse and soak up a little wanderlust, these Instagram accounts tick all the right boxes. We asked for their top glamping accounts, sure to get you in the mood for a glam escape and this is what they came up with.

Here are the Instagram accounts that offer the perfect mix of charming features, stunning scenery and tempting accommodation.


This truly unique glamping site is set in a spectacular part of Cornwall and has the perfect recipe for glamping success. They like to break the mould! Fresh, vibrant and unique, their feed has the inspiration you need to get you dreaming of the weekend as you start work on a Monday. Whether it’s a cooling waterfall, an architectural hideout or a tree tent in the branches – it’s all here. Last year they collaborated with Carlsberg to bring the world a hybrid pub and cabin in the woods, and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Glamping Holiday

If you love getting lost in stunning interior designs, this is the feed for you. Based in Surrey, the site uses their feed to highlight retro chic touches that make them special, boutique décor and a host of dainty touches. Beautifully lit against the night skies, their bell tents look like something from another world. They even deliver tasty food to glampers’ tent doors and publish their delicious recipes on their blog.

Crafty Camping

Instagram master, Guy Mallinson, brings a stunning treehouse in Dorset to life with videos and pics that can’t be beaten. Picture yourself using their outdoor waterfall shower, gliding over woodland walkways or toasting in a sauna through their Instagram shots. This account really captures the fantasy of glamping.

Knepp Wildland Safaris

Fascinated by the natural world? This Sussex wildlife haven with gorgeous glamping proves it’s not just well edited pictures that make a great feed. Yes, they show off their lovely glamping spaces, but they’ll also inspire you to grab your boots, hit the road and interact with Britain’s animal kingdom. Follow this one for ideas of the birds you’ll want to spot, animals you’ll try to glimpse and plenty of reasons to get off your sofa.

Happy Valley Norfolk

As professional in their social media as they are in their business, you can count on this feed for creativity and top notch photography. Regularly host to wedding and boutique gatherings in the outdoors, you’ll get a window into spectacular ceremonies and radiant brides at this Norfolk site. Not only that, but there are laid back and luxurious interiors and insider looks at the many film and magazine crews that have shot here. It’s all done with rustic charm.

December 2018