Mirror mirror on the wall, which spa is the most photogenic of them all?

Whether you’ve spent the last eighteen months on the front line; hunched over a computer working from home (while children may or may not have leapt about your person); or you’ve been taking care of children, the elderly or the vulnerable, the chances are you’re in need of a spa break. As the fancier facilities in hotels nationwide have mercifully opened up once more, we’ve been flocking to submerge and soak our pandemic-sore bodies in restorative waters and to unwind. After all, in lieu of the holidays that most of us have foregone, it has been one way of treating ourselves – and the more of that we can do, the better.

And since foreign climes have been less accessible to most than usual, it transpires that many of us have been busy documenting our visits for social media. So much so, in fact, that luxury swimwear brand, Heidi Klein, decided to explore the phenomenon further and looked into the most Instagrammable spas within the UK. And this is what their research turned up: these are the five most snappable spas in the UK.

Main Image: The Ned

Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire ranked number one as the most Instagrammable spa in the country, with a total of 55.2k posts. It’s easy to see why thanks to its glorious indoor-outdoor pool. Heaven.

The Ned

It’s not exactly hard to fathom why The Ned’s spa should come in a close second with a whopping 54k posts. There are pools with views – but there is only one pool with this view of St Paul’s cathedral and London’s iconic skyline. Do remember to relax, though, rather than craning for the perfect shot.

Stoke Park

Remember when Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) whisked Bridget Jones (Renée Zellwegger) off for a romantic getaway, only to be met by their nemeses upon huge-haired arrival? That was to Stoke Park, which is every bit as lovely as one might imagine. Its spa comes in third in the Instagrammable stakes, with some 22.7k posts. We pray that your love rivals don’t choose the check in on the same day.

Rudding Park

Rudding Park recently made the final in the category of Spa/Salon Team Of The Year in the Professional Beauty Awards 2021. Instagrammers clearly agree about its charms; it comes in fourth with 15.2k posts. We certainly wouldn’t say no to sitting under this waterfall for quite some time.

Pennyhill Park

This five-star hotel in Surrey is the fifth most Instagrammable, with 14.9k posts. Pennyhill Park is a beauty; who wouldn’t want to idle away a summer’s day under the sun on one of these loungers?

By Nancy Alsop
September 2021

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