Travel the world and discover the best cuisines in the US's top foody cities.

It is safe to say that humans are the only beings who enjoy food. Sure, every being eats to survive, but people also eat for pleasure. If you enjoy food and love to explore other cuisines, you are a foody. The best way to explore other cuisines is to travel the world and eat the authentic foods of other people. Today, we will show you the best foody towns in the US. We hope you have some snacks because this will be delicious reading.

New York City

When people discuss going to this beautiful city, they usually do not mention food. But, food is definitely one of the reasons to go to New York. Most of the best restaurants in the world are in this beautiful city. Eating at those restaurants will cost you, but if you are a true foody, you will experience what it is like to eat like a king or a queen. Of course, there are also many reasonably priced restaurants you can eat at. Between your meals, you can explore New York and admire the sites. If you want to go to the United States for your vacation, New York simply must be on your list. But, if you are not an American citizen, there is a chance that you will need an ESTA or a visa. If you want to apply for an ESTA, you can prepare by seeing the esta questions they will ask you at the interview.

Los Angeles

Most people dream of seeing this beautiful city, and there are many things you can see. For example, Venice Beach and Hollywood. But, there are also beautiful foods you can try there. But, you should know that the restaurants are not the main thing there. Sure, you will find many exceptional restaurants in LA, but you should go there for the delicious street food. In most cities, street food is only adequate, but street food is divine in LA. The good thing is that you won't spend too much money on street food. You simply must experience it.


If you ask any foody from the United States of America what the best foody town is, most of them will say Chicago. The beautiful windy city is the promised land for all pizza lovers. Therefore, if you love the dreamy Italian pie made with an American touch, Chicago is the perfect city for you. Sure, pizza is terrific, but pizza is not the only good thing to eat in Chicago. You may also want to try the delicious Garrett popcorn, Italian beef, and other unique dishes Chicago has. You will be happy to hear that the food is pretty affordable here. Chicago is a dream for every food enthusiast. You should definitely experience it.

There are many beautiful cities in the US. If you are a true foody, you should try to travel to this wonderful country and explore many dreamy cuisines. You can find the best street food and restaurants on the internet, but if you want to eat the most delicious food in the towns we discussed today, you should definitely talk to the locals. They will tell you where to find that small, family-owned restaurant that makes the best food in town.

June 2022
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