From waterproof card games to sand-proof speakers, these are the beach essentials you need to carry down to the beach. Pack like a pro, you don’t want to be lugging extra kilos for the sake of it.

Here, we list everything you need for a fun day at the beach.


JustAthlete, £64.95

You’ve heard the hype and watched the official Spikeball YouTube clips. Keep those teenagers active on the beach with this easy to learn portable Spikeball set. Buy it here.

Scrunch Children’s Silicon Bucket Watering Can

John Lewis, £12.49

Instead of the awkwardly bulky buckets of old that took up precious bag space, discover the squashable Scrunch beach range. Mary Poppins bag, eat your heart out. Buy it here.

Waterproof Dobble Beach

Amazon, £12.80

Feeling competitive? Rejoice, for the addictive family card game Dobble is now available fully waterproof making it both surf and sand safe. Buy it here.

Waboba Kahuna Ball

Wicked Uncle, £5.95

No respectable family beach bag is without a Waboba ball which can float and bounce on water. The more water it absorbs, the higher and better it bounces. Skim away. Buy it here.

Kodak Sport Underwater Camera

Amazon, £17.38

Don’t be tempted to take your iPhone into the sea for beach snaps. This disposable underwater camera is waterproof up to 15 metres so ideal for snorkelling or splashing in the shallows. Buy it here.


Decathlon, £34.99

Lazy summer days call for Mölkky, the iconic Finnish version of skittles. This game of chance and throwing accuracy is a family favourite. The first player to reach 50 wins. Buy it here.

Sunnylife Beach Bats

Sunnylife, £19

Australian brand Sunnylife is the master of well-designed beach toys. Their brightly coloured bats with foam cushioning come with their own bag. Buy it here.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Amazon, £89.99

Whether you’re going to the beach or pool, bring the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Wireless speaker. It’s waterproof, sand-proof and plays music for up to ten hours. Buy it here.


Amazon, £12.95

Question is, who can do the most circuits of the ball? Pindaloo is a juggling skill game where you loop the ball from one side to the other. Not as easy as it looks! Buy it here.

By Annabel Jack
July 2021

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