Getting from A to B is starting to look a lot different: check out these five sites reinventing transport.

Thanks to technology – and a desire to create more sustainable ways to travel – transport is getting a 21st century overhaul. Electric vehicles, car-sharing, ridesharing, self-driving cars… That means there are more choices when it comes to getting around, as well as opportunities to save money, help cities ease congestion – and support the environment. We take a look at five sites reinventing transport as you know it.


SoMo is a one-stop mobility experience, allowing users to book and plan travel alone by real-time comparing prices on a marketplace, like taxis or public transport. If you choose to go by car, SoMo will give real time traffic updates and navigation. Or, you can use SoMo to travel with people in your social circle. Users connect with their peers and collaborate and share their rides, helping them reduce the hassle and cost of going from A to B.


The global parking app Kerb is a bit like Airbnb for parking: homeowners or businesses can use the platform to rent out their empty spaces to make extra cash – enabling drivers to park more easily and more cheaply. And users can access cheaper parking and beat car park queues and city congestion. The Kerb app is used in over 70 cities worldwide and plays a key role in improving urban mobility and making cities smarter. It’s a future of transport win-win.

CYCLE.LAND is a bike sharing marketplace that began in the cycle-loving city of Oxford in 2016. Three years on, it has unveiled a partnership with China’s biggest bikeshare company, Youon. is on a mission to help move towards globally sustainable urban transport, by making bikes easily available and affordable. Together, Youon and plan to bring sustainable bike and e-bike sharing to London, starting this year.


Car & Away launched just last year at Gatwick, allowing those leaving their car in long stay not only to make back their parking costs – but often earn extra cash too. Renters benefit too: they get to use a more sustainable model and side-step the usual car hire channels – with no buses, no counters, no queues, no up-sells and no hidden charges. Car & Away’s plans go beyond airports: they aim to revolutionise car ownership by building the biggest global peer-to-peer car sharing community.


3F EV is the UK’s foremost Tesla rental company. It believes the future of cars is electric, connected and autonomous. To help the world get this more sustainable future, they’ve created the first online platform that allows the rental, leasing and sharing of fully electric cars. With a fleet of the game-changing Tesla Model S and X, their customers are anyone from supercar enthusiasts and technology lovers, to those just interested in being environmentally conscious.

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