The fashion designer behind Wiggy Kit, dresses for sun worshippers, talks to us about setting up her own site, her favourite app and internet hero, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

How is that tan coming along? As committed as we are to sun worshipping, there comes a time to cover up and a kaftan won’t do. Introducing the new, and very chic resortwear label, Wiggy Kit, created by British designer, Wiggy Hindmarch, sister-in-law to accessories designer Anya Hindmarch.

Wiggy, who lives between London and Harbour Island (as you do), has a background in buying, design and running retail operations. A stint working for Collette Dinnigan at Paris Fashion week provided the experience and platform to create her own brand. Her collection of chic, simple cotton shirt dresses and tie-waist jumpsuits are available on her site, and as of this season on We want the lot.

Here, Wiggy talks about setting up her own site, her daughters on social media and the app she uses every night.

My favourite website… - You can tell by the wonderful collection of marble print boxes I now own.

My favourite app… Calm - I fall asleep to it every night. Not only does it offer a huge array of guided meditations, affirmations, self-help guides, soothing sounds and relaxation music, but my favourite is their sleep stories. They guarantee to help you drop off when your head is swimming with ‘to do’ lists. My personal favourite, sadly, is the special edition of Radio 4’s The Shipping Forecast. I rarely get past ‘Dogger’! Try it - I challenge you!

My blog of choice... I’m not much of a blog reader but I reckon I should probably start considering the profession I am in. I don’t really look to other people to tell me what to like or what to buy as I enjoy discovering things for myself. I am a bit of an oracle when it comes to researching and tracking down the latest and greatest.

My internet hero… should be Jeff Bezos, considering how much money I put through his business and how much easier he has made my life. However, one could argue that I should be his… he definitely owes me!

My most recent buy online… Outdoor fabric for my house in Harbour Island.

Book just downloaded/ read… I download endless books that I never get around to reading. However I try and make a point to read The Week Junior to my children most nights which they are fascinated by. I must say, I do think it is the most brilliant publication and it can help allay fears or spark discussion about things going on in the world which might be troubling, whilst at the same time giving a balanced view about events happening around the world, good and bad.

Favourite tweeter… I can’t be bothered with tweeting. I am a visual person and find the whole thing rather confusing, dull and a bit moany.

Favourite instagrammer… For pure escapism, I follow Julia Hengel; for art, I follow Suzy Murphy. I like Charlotte Keates for gorgeous watercolour illustrations and Kate Schelter, for light relief.

Social media allowed me to meet… other entrepreneurs and it has allowed me to connect with a fount of artistic and design-led imagery, which for me is food for the soul.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Our children’s school newsletter. Without it, I would have no idea where they need to be and at what time.

Pet hate about life online… the artifice, self-absorption and boasting. I find it troubling especially as a mother of two girls. I am constantly lecturing my daughters about how not to take it all too seriously, to understand how contrived it can be and not to be seduced into over-sharing their lives online. Number one, not to base your sense of worth by how many followers or likes you may or may not have.

Stand out online memory… Pressing the launch button on my website in 2015 and watching that first order dropping in. I still remember the name of my first ever client. Latterly, being launched on is probably proudest moment. Matches founders Ruth and Tom Chapman are complete geniuses and what they have created sets the benchmark in the industry.

iPhone or Android? iPhone 7+ with the biggest possible memory and its totally brilliant camera.

August 2017