Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock are the Holland Park-based duo behind acclaimed interior designer practice, Turner Pocock. Known for their love of colour, pattern and the eclectic, they have a particular flair for layering different periods into a scheme.

Launched in 2007, the pair quickly built an international portfolio and a stellar reputation to match – which is a far cry from what they imagined when starting out around Emma’s kitchen table. And yet their coalition of skills – Emma comes from an interiors background while Bunny cut her teeth working for a developer – has proved an impeccably matched recipe for success. While the skills they bring might come from opposite sides of the industry, their resolve to create spaces that are joyful, fun and made for real people to live real lives in is of a piece.

Here they tell us about their dream project and the women who’ve inspired them along the way. Follow Turner Pocock on Instagram here.

Images: A cosy corner of a recent chalet project in Crans Montanta; London Townhouse – bedroom with Kit Kemp x Andrew Martin wallpaper; Bespoke sofa with Harland Miller artwork; Iconic TP tented ceiling

Favourite place in all the world?

FAVE PLACE Andres-sanz-uILhNE1VcwA-unsplash

Bunny: HOME! I love, love, love my home – it is my comfortable refuge from the world and it’s mostly full of laughter and mischief.
Emma: This is a hard question! I love travelling and experiencing new places, but Mexico holds a special place for me, with its mix of Caribbean/central American vibes.

Dream holiday?

FAVE HOLIDAY Joris-berthelot-EnTU_hr9wPA-unsplash

Bunny: Skiing with my husband and kids. We met in the mountains and there is nothing more joyful than zooming down a slope with them whooping behind or in front of me!
Emma: A super luxurious catered chalet in the Alps or (preferably and!) barefoot beach holiday in over 30-degree heat. Both super relaxing.

Most coveted item right now?

Bunny: Some amazing fur-lined Isabel Marant boots which keep my usually cold toes cosy on freezing sites.

COVETED ITEM 21_07_22_Ecomm_Returntonature_cedar_tote_FRONT_1500x Copy

Emma: My new Anya Hindmarch Return to Nature Tote – I love being organised and Anya is the queen of helping me achieve that.

Proudest professional moment to date?

Both: Every time we hand over a project in which we have realised the client’s ambitions, we feel a deep sense of excitement and pride in what we have achieved as a team.

Your dream future project?

DREAM PROJECT_pritam-pebam-A6bX1G3zuMA-unsplash

Both: A beach house in the Bahamas. In fact, any beach house. It’s an itch we need to scratch!

Who has been your most inspiring mentor, professionally or personally?

Well we get out of bed for each other, but a few wonder ladies have influenced us along the way. Anya Hindmarch is a constant source of inspiration. Within the industry, Nina Campbell and Michal Silver at Christopher Farr. We also have some amazing and super successful clients (past and present) who mentor us regularly in all areas beyond design to whom we are forever grateful.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

Well either of us would take this house if we were given it!!

What book is on your nightstand/ kindle right now?

Bunny: How To Retrain A Racehorse – we have a new four-legged addition to the family and I need to do some learning fast!
Emma: Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.

Best film you’ve seen recently?

Bunny: The Peanut Butter Falcon is a favourite – it’s a joyful film that restores your faith in humanity.
Emma: The House of Gucci – the styling of the whole thing was amazing.

Best binge-watched TV show?


We are both rather gripped by The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a slightly dark subject matter but so beautifully filmed. Emma loves Emily in Paris too and grabs an episode whenever she’s in transit.

Top podcast of the moment?

Emma: Teach Me a Lesson – quite light-hearted and it adds some great random facts to my repertoire.
Bunny: I listened to an amazing Joe Rogan episode where he interviewed Yeonmi Park, a North Korean refugee, about her experience of growing up there. It was totally shocking to me that a place like that existing in 2022 and has to be listened to, to be believed.

Your hero?

Emma: Anya Hindmarch – any woman who has a successful design business is worthy of heroine status! We know what goes into it.
Bunny: Emma because she puts up with a lot! Along with my husband who is also very long-suffering.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

WHAT ANIMAL Fernando-jorge-PHqLOG1j91A-unsplash

Bunny: Zola my beloved whippet – she lives a life coddled in cashmere and down and also seems to thankfully have nine lives.
Emma: A stingray – nature’s ballerina.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Bunny: A Formula 1 driver.
Emma: Relaxed.

Worst job you’ve ever done?

Bunny: Roller-skating to take bids from guests at a gala dinner at the Connaught – I am not good at roller-skating!
Emma: Cleaning loos in chalets, but it was the precursor to a day in the mountains.

Favourite dish to cook?

Bunny: Salmon Teriyaki – I love a bit of Asian fusion at home and it’s so quick and easy to knock up.
Emma: Smoked salmon and prawn pâté – it’s easy to knock together and people seem to like it!

Favourite café/ restaurant (and why)?

Bunny: Muse by Tom Aikens. The food is delicious and it has about fifteen covers so you feel like he is actually cooking only for you.
Emma: My favourite treat is Izumi, which is on the roof of the Four Seasons – delicious Japanese with incredible views down the lake.

What tune always makes you want to dance?

Bunny: I’m a terrible tune thrasher. My soundtrack to lockdown was Blinding Lights by The Weekend and it takes me right back there whenever I hear it – it was actually a really happy time for us, and I love it as a result.
Emma: Dolly Parton’s 9-5.

Favourite website or app?

Emma: Net-A-Porter, Audible, Instagram.
Bunny: Waze – I am very pleased not to get lost.

Most useful thing on your desk?

Bunny: Right now, I have an extraordinary collection of unuseful things on my desk, including a slipper the kids use to carry their guinea pigs around in! My desk is often a dumping ground!
Emma: My Black and Red book.

Which five people, dead or alive, would you find most interesting to be stuck in a lift with?

STUCK IN A LIFT Annie-spratt-R9C8unD1ENQ-unsplash

Emma and Bunny: Margaret Atwood, Steven Gambrel, Picasso, The Queen, Tom Ford.

Favourite building?

FAVE BUILDING Kylie-paz-kMGoyFFU938-unsplash

Bunny: The Pompidou Centre – I can still remember the first time I saw it and it turned architecture on its head for me.
Emma: Not quite a building but a sculpture of a church in Belgium made out of 30 tonnes of steel by Gijs van Vaerenbergh called Reading Between the Lines.

Favourite Instagrammer or tweeter?

Emma: I’m a huge Gwynnie fan.
Bunny: Jessica McCormack – love a bit of diamond porn.

Your screensaver?

Bunny: A fantastical beach scene.
Emma: My kids.

What would your biography be called?

Bunny: How Not To Relax!
Emma: Tales Of The Unexpected.

What would be your epitaph?

Get Shit Done.

By Nancy Alsop
February 2022

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