The founder of luxury hair care brand, SHOW Beauty and Fifi & Friends, the skincare range for babies and children, talks all things family.

Tamara Ecclestone is the eldest daughter of Formula One legend, Bernie Ecclestone and model, Slavica Ecclestone.

Following in her family’s footsteps she started her career at F1 magazine, while also finding time to model for Armani. She has since become a professional broadcast personality with various appearances on Sky 1, Sky Sports, BBC and ITV.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the beauty world, in 2013 Tamara launched her award-winning luxury hair care brand, SHOW Beauty, which is stocked in Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Tamara is married to businessman, Jay Rutland and the couple have a daughter Sophia, now three. Inspired by the close bond she shares with her daughter, this year Tamara announced her latest venture; Fifi & Friends. As an outspoken advocate for breastfeeding and attachment parenting, Tamara’s aim is to build a community for mothers and share an original range of organic products and toiletries for children.

Fifi & Friends is a natural baby (suitable for newborns) and child skin and hair care range that is hypoallergenic, sulphate, paraben and wheat free. The collection is dermatologically tested and includes organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.

Tamara says: “This is a very busy year for me – SHOW Beauty has been doing so well all around the world and now I have Fifi & Friends which has been a huge passion project for me.

“Becoming a mother changed my life in so many ways for the better so to be able to pass along my knowledge first hand is a fantastic position to be in.”

As well as her business projects she works closely with well-respected charities close to her heart including Starlight and the Dog’s Trust, helping to raise a staggering £2 million over the last few years.

Here Tamara tells us where to click...

Favourite site... Mail Online - Love it or hate it, I’m always scrolling the app. I love a screenshot too. I really ought to not be into it but it’s impossible to put down.

Favourite app... Instasize - I always use this one for my posts on Instagram; it’s great at filters and resizing.

Favourite blog... The Tot - Great for shopping but they also have some great features on motherhood. I’m pretty obsessed with reading about motherhood. That’s why on my site for Fifi & Friends we’ve worked hard to build a community for mothers to come and learn.

Internet hero... @celestebarber - Anyone who can poke fun at themselves and the madness of the fashion industry like she does gets my vote.

Most recent buy online... from Childrensalon - One of the most fun things I do is shop for Fifi and with winter coming I’m getting ski clothing and warm snuggly outfits. I prefer shopping for Fifi then myself these days!

Book just downloaded... I don’t download books. There’s something old school and romantic about physically having a copy with you and turning the pages. Downloading is a step too far for me. Right now all I read is kids' books...

My favourite podcast... Jo Elvin and James Williams' Is It Just Me and then Zoe Hardman’s Made by Mammas podcast is great too. I’ve been asked to speak on both of these too which I loved!

Favourite tweeter... Tweeting is so last year. Is it still a thing?

Favourite Instagrammer... @25Park - Alison Brettschneider is anti bullying, thought provoking and not afraid to be controversial in an overly PC world.

Social media allowed me to meet... There are huge benefits to social media these days and I think rather than just engaging with one person it’s allowed me to interact with parents all over the world and share the journey and milestones together. I’m continually bowled over by the people that get in contact with me via social media and it has been a great support.

Pet hate about life online... People who think they know me when they don’t. I also don’t like people who post their ‘best’ life when the reality is far from it. It’s a real bore. Get real people - I think that’s where social media is going.

Standout online memory... I think the best thing about social media and Instagram in particular is the fact you essentially record your life - and for me family life is the most important thing. So I can look back and see us all growing up, our favourite moments, holidays and life in general.

iPhone or Android? iPhone all the way.

September 2018