The beauty expert and award-winning journalist talks about meeting her husband online, crime podcasts and the Liberty London buying team.

Sophie Beresiner is at the forefront of beauty online in her new role as Beauty and Style Director of BURO 24/7, the luxury lifestyle destination for affluent millennials.

The award-winning beauty journalist and former Beauty Director of ELLE UK has just joined the luxury millennial powerhouse BURO 24/7 ahead of its flagship launch in the UK. She was a good choice for the publishing platform; Sophie has over 30k followers on Instagram and 11.9k followers on Twitter.

Sophie is juggling many roles. Aged thirty-one, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and recorded her recovery on her popular blog Sophie Feels Better. The chemotherapy made her infertile, and after failed IVF and two miscarriages, she is planning to have a baby via surrogacy. She is charting her journey in her weekly Mother Project column in The Times. Sophie has her own luxury candle brand, No.22, which is stocked in Liberty London, Net-Porter and Harvey Nichols. She also has a YouTube channel delivering beauty tutorials and film projects to her followers.

Here, she talks about meeting her husband online, crime podcasts and the Liberty London buying team.

My favourite website… BURO 24/7 - The fashion, beauty, lifestyle, luxury and culture site coming soon!

My favourite app…currently Air Translator - You are supposed to hold the screen over any menu or label and it will translate for you. I tried it in Tokyo and it was frankly hilarious. I still got the gist though, so I guess it pretty much works!

My blog of choice… Dare I say it; I haven’t read a blog for a very long time. I prefer newsletters, websites and magazines.

My internet hero… Jamie Genevieve, the YouTube make-up artist - She may be the most successful beauty vlogger in recent history but she is the sweetest person in real life. She is so humble and true to herself and her values. I hugely respect her business acumen.

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My favourite podcasts... True crime or more recently, fictional series. I just finished The Drop Out and the Elizabeth Holmes story, with which I’m obsessed. I have now started Who The Hell Is Hamish which is supposed to be like Dirty John.

My most recent buy online… A pair of JW Anderson shorts from the Net-A-Porter sale, on my phone, on my way in to work. Eek.

Book just downloaded… As much as I adore books, I always read on a Kindle now. This is purely because of the backlight so I can read in bed. I’m in the middle of Liane Moriarty’s book, What Alice Forgot. I don’t always need to go too deep with my reading. It just has to entertain me, or I give up because it’s not pleasurable.

Favourite tweeter… I don’t really do Twitter. I guess, I like The Times, because they tweet my column and they always highlight instances of alternative and uplifting news I like to read.

Favourite instagrammer… Val Garland, the make-up artist - Aside from her beautiful make-up, she posts intriguing pieces of art and books that I’m forever screenshotting so I don’t forget. And BURO.London. BURO is an amazing publishing platform in its own right.

Social media allowed me to meet… The Liberty buying team who asked to stock my No.22 candles three years ago. I owe my whole company success to buyer Sarah Coonan , who came across my brand via Instagram.

Standout online memory... Meeting my husband. Way back in the ancient times before Tinder, we met on the online dating site Guardian Soulmates. Ahhh.

My pet hate online... Generic millennial language. When everyone does it, it becomes meaningless. ‘New shoes who dis?’ ’ or ‘Fridays be like...’.

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