Author and former Tatler journalist, gives us an insight into her life online.

Sophia Money-Coutts, writer and Sunday Telegraph columnist, spent five years studying the aristocracy as Features Director of Tatler. Prior to that, Sophia worked for The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard and has written for a number of British and international publications. Occasionally she appears on television to discuss matters of national importance like Prince Harry's wedding and the etiquette of the threesome. Her debut novel, The Plus One is published in August.

My favourite website… Pret - Because I go on it 256 times a day to remind myself what the soup is.

My favourite app… the BBC Weather App - It informs my coat and shoe choice every morning. It’s invaluable if you don’t want to spend the day traipsing round with wet feet and subsequently develop trench foot.

My blog of choice… I honestly don’t read any blogs regularly. I feel like there’s so much noise out there already. So many tweets and instagrams and memes and stories and podcasts and videos and just… NOISE. Who are the people who manage to fit in blogs on top of all that? I suppose they must spend less time on the Pret website than me.

My internet hero… Whoever invented the ‘Mute notifications’ option on WhatsApp.

My favourite podcasts... Desert Island Discs - I’m sorry to be so predictable but have you ever listened to Princess Margaret’s? You must. If only to hear her call Buckingham Palace ‘a terribly cosy hice.’

My most recent buy online… A pair of black denim dungarees from Asos because I thought they might make me look like a bohemian French artist, all paint-spattered and nonchalant. In reality I look like a giant baby.

Book just downloaded/ read… Johann Hari’s Lost Connections - A book about depression which has been controversial for all sorts of reasons. But if you’re interested in mental health it’s worth dipping into.

Favourite tweeter… My pal Ned Donovan - A Mail on Sunday reporter with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Royal history. Follow him for brilliant little anecdotes. ‘Today’s in history King George III went mad and ate his own hat.’ That sort of thing.

Stand out online memory… In 2014 I wrote a piece for Tatler about the Scottish aristocracy ahead of the forthcoming referendum. It wasn’t a deeply political analysis of the issue. Instead, it talked about things like the number of ghosts at the Duke of Argyll’s castle and the Earl of Glasgow who one day woke up and decided to cover his castle in graffiti. But when the piece went up on Tatler’s website, the internet was aghast that such aristocrats still existed and it went viral. ‘What if we swing the election?’ said an aghast Tatler colleague. ‘What if this piece makes other Scots so furious they all vote to leave?’ It was an anxious few days and then, luckily, 55 per cent of Scots voted against independence. PHEW.

Favourite instagrammer… my mum - It’s either her dog Trumpet or a new batch of marmalade she’s just made. Deeply soothing. It’s literally never pictures of her standing on a day bed in Ibiza spraying champagne over herself like all the other show-offs on there.

Social media allowed me to meet… Hmmm. Is Tinder a social media? Because that’s how I met my boyfriend, although he’s fabricated some story about us meeting ‘via mutual friends.’ Wimp.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… I don’t read any.

Pet hate about life online… On some days, I hate absolutely everything about it. On others, I hate absolutely nothing. The nature of the beast, right?

March 2018