The interior designer talks about her favourite sites, the app she finds most addictive and recent online purchases.

Got home envy? You will in a minute. The very visual nature of online and social media platforms like Instagram means you can scroll through beautiful interiors and dream of better living. This week’s guest editor is Nicole Salvesen, co-founder of Salvesen Graham, an established interior design practice (also run by Mary Graham). With over twenty years experience between them, the London-based designers are well-known for their stunning interiors and satisfied clients, some private, some hoteliers. Their role varies from complete refits of large hotels and houses to focusing on a few select rooms, to designing curtains, sourcing artwork, antiques and accessories. We asked Nicole to tell us about her favourite sites, the app she finds most addictive and recent online purchases.

My favourite website... House & Garden - For me, it is great for work and pleasure. I also regularly turn to their recipes.

My favourite app... Instagram - I have managed to control my addiction to an extent by turning off notifications but it is still quite a constant in my life.

My blog of choice... Directorio Deco - Currently I spend a lot of time looking at this virtual notebook by the lovely Gloria Gonzalez. She manages to cover such an array of topics and we have a similar view on aesthetic.

My internet hero... I would say I have learnt a lot from Sheryl Sandberg who I know about through her work on the internet.

My most recent buy online...some beautiful leather sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals -For a holiday with my husband. I also can’t resist things I see on the Instagram feed of Katie and Jo - it has become a habit.

Book just downloaded/ read… Reading is my wind down so my books tend to be lighthearted but I have finally just read ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes.

My favourite tweeter… Oddly with my love of social media, I can’t get a handle on Twitter.

My favourite instagrammer… Laura Fantacci - Lovely and on the whole accessible!

Social media allowed me to meet… So many new industry friends. It has opened up the industry to what we are doing and I think enables other designers to support each other as well as suppliers to have a better understanding of how our process of designing works.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Sheerluxe - When you are busy, it is such a wonderful resource to point you in the right direction.

Stand out online memory… Seeing Salvesen Graham projects being talked about and posted by others on other websites, blogs and of course Instagram is a complete thrill and knowing people like what we do makes all the hard work worth it.

Pet hate about life online... People create a wonderful life online but we all know sometimes it just isn’t real. We really try to bring it back to reality if we ever feel that people are getting the wrong idea.

iPhone or Android? iPhone!

June 2017